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Study suggests sugary diet endangers waste-eating protein crucial to cellular repair
New study finds fish oil omega-3s EPA and DHA work differently on chronic inflammation
New Global Index Defines What Makes Asia Pacific’s Economies More Digitally Trusted and Resilient
Youth vote up significantly in 2020; young people of color pivotal
New report examines benefits, costs of region-wide effort to reduce emissions from cars and trucks
Found: a genetic link to molecular events that precede symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease
Youth vote again pivotal in presidential race
Tufts University, Medford and Somerville launch innovative COVID-19 testing program for PK-12 schools
Tufts University to add new online Master’s in Data Science and Post Baccalaureate in Computer Science
Tufts University to provide free COVID-19 testing for abutters
New analysis explores risks, benefits of ranked-choice voting in Massachusetts
Talloires Network of Engaged Universities Celeberates its 15th Anniversary
Some but not all U.S. metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study
BrainGate Inc., owner of brain-computer interface technologies, donated to Tufts University
Boeing Appoints Dandridge to Lead Communications
Warning witnesses of possibility of misinformation helps protect their memory accuracy
Tufts University awards COVID-19 emergency response grants to local non-profits
Confused by whole grain labels on food packaging? Study finds you’re not alone
Researchers discover sex-specific differences in neural mechanisms for glucose regulation
New analysis examines major differences in Massachusetts Legislature’s police reform bills
New cell profiling method could speed TB drug discovery
Call to action for stronger, better-funded federal nutrition research
Only 57 percent of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine
New poll: Young people energized for unprecedented 2020 election
Two-thirds of African Americans know someone mistreated by police, and 22% report mistreatment in past year
Multi-ethnic study suggests vitamin K may offer protective health benefits in older age
Study: National calorie menu labeling law will add years of healthy living, save billions
New report proposes creative ways for Massachusetts to provide economic aid
Refugee children get better health, nutrition via e-vouchers
New smart fabrics from bioactive inks monitor body and environment by changing color
Tufts University School of Medicine launches accelerated hybrid physical therapy program
Virtual art gallery showcases up-and-coming artists
Cervical precancer identified with fluorescence, in a step toward bedside detection
Tufts University employee grant program helps local community organizations across Greater Boston
Exclusive research: Where youth vote could matter most in 2020
New Report: Massachusetts elections in shadow of COVID-19
More berries, apples and tea may have protective benefits against Alzheimer’s
As Massachusetts prepares to re-open, a new analysis examines risks, rewards of “Test and Trace”
Open Society University Network and Talloires Network Launch COV-AID
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University sends personal protective equipment, ventilators and other medical supplies to area healthcare…
COVID-19 crisis estimated to impact Massachusetts state finances
Heart attack on a chip: scientists model conditions of ischemia on a microfluidic device
National study finds diets remain poor for most American children; disparities persist
Exclusive Analysis: Super Tuesday shakes up race, youth continue to support Sanders
Federally protected lands reduce habitat loss and protect endangered species, study finds
Sugary drinks a sour choice for adults trying to maintain normal cholesterol levels
Exclusive Analysis: In Nevada, young people once again force behind Sanders’s victory
Exclusive Polling: Ahead of Super Tuesday, Texans Under 40 Favor Sanders, Biden and Warren