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AI system can predict the structures of life’s molecules with stunning accuracy – helping to solve one of biology’s biggest problems
More Data Needed to Understand Contrails, their Climate Effect and to Develop Mitigation
AI research gives unprecedented insight into heart genetics and structure
Northern Gritstone and Parkwalk Advisors make £3.5 million Seed Round investment in ground-breaking computational medicine company adsilico
Digital ‘history machines’ are never politically neutral
Steady hand appointed to the helm of the Australian Institute of Marine Science
New appointments to better protect Great Barrier Reef
University of Manchester awarded UKAEA funding for fusion development
Fast Five with Moran Zhou 7 December
Our new high-resolution climate models are a breakthrough in understanding Australia’s future
Northern Gritstone secures final close of £312m with broad base of investors
New research can help policymakers prioritise funding needs and allocate resource for cancer
New research looks behind the scenes at social class in TV production
Using sustainable aviation fuels could reduce emissions by up to 80%, scientists find
Quadripartite launches the Working Group on Youth Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance
Children do better at school if their fathers read and play with them
Twenty-two Student Ambassadors from sixteen countries and regions appointed for academic year 2023 Reaching out to prospective international students
Yes, AI could help us fix the productivity slump – but it can’t fix everything
The University of Manchester joins UK scientists on project to improve forecasts of extreme weather
Scientists advance dream of targeted real time treatment of hypoxic cancers
Australians with obesity unfairly blamed amid ‘lazy’ stigma
Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets
Book addresses future of local and global agri-food systems
Why is there no Uber for live music?
Miniature Qur’ans and travelling manuscripts
Scientist show how plastic exposure in pregnancy could explain low weight in newborn boys
Billion-year history of Earth’s interior shows it’s more mobile than we thought
Almost all corals face catastrophic bleaching
QUT researchers recipients of more than $2M in NHMRC Ideas grants
UQ research unlocks technology to produce unbreakable screens
UK can more than halve energy demand by 2050 and improve quality of life
Campaign could reduce risk of UK opioid ‘epidemic’
Cornell-led panel releases report on agri-food innovation
Manchester in consortium to ensure UK is a leader in sustainable materials manufacture
Making biodiesel from dirty old cooking oil just got way easier
Research collaboration to understand spread of COVID-19 and keep public transport back on track
Proglacial lakes are accelerating glacier ice loss
Pristine air over Southern Ocean suggests early industrial era’s clouds not so different from today’s
Placebo effect ‘could treat pain’
Steep rise in skin cancer since 1960s
Overconsumption and growth economy key drivers of environmental crises
Negative impacts of cannabis use during pregnancy
Tiny crystals plug gaps and limit uptake of contaminants in rocks
Dead Sea Scroll fragments thought to be blank reveal text
Vines are drying: USC scientist delivers forest fire warning
Scientists double understanding of genetic risk of melanoma
For grounded forecast of volcanic unrest, spy from above
First electrically-driven ‘topological’ laser developed by NTU Singapore and University of Leeds