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Ancient Human Relative, Australopithecus sediba, “Walked Like a Human, But Climbed Like an Ape”
Center for Social Sciences awards fall ’21 grants
New method shows today’s warming ‘unprecedented’ over past 24,000 years
University of Toronto among seven universities globally to rank in top 30 of 11 subjects by Times Higher Education
Major new study finds key genes in vascular disease that may affect one in 20 women
Baylor-led Study Finds Forest Cover and Runoff Influenced by Freezing Temperatures During Late Paleozoic Ice Age
Primates’ ancestors may have left trees to survive asteroid
NYU Public Health Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Protect Transit Workers from Covid
Less snowy winters produce camouflage mismatch in mountain hares
Lund Critical Debate to examine global policing, social justice
‘Anti-antibiotic’ allows for use of antibiotics without driving resistance
US seafood industry flounders due to COVID-19
When developers seem fair, new tech looks less risky
Vital Signs: We’ll never cut unemployment to 0%, but less than 4% should be our goal
For Black Girls, Attitudes About Being Black Affect Risk of Depression
Mount Everest summit success rates double, death rate stays same over last
Re-engineered enzyme could help reverse damage from stroke, spinal cord injury: University study
Multi-university grant extended to advance adaptive cyber defense research
Systemic racism has consequences for all life in cities
Two pediatricians share Weill Cornell’s Drukier Prize
Phil Schiller advances to Apple Fellow
Juanita L. Merchant appointed to Ludwig Institute’s Scientific Advisory Committee
Research helps develop world-first IV guidelines for children
Bacterial enzyme structure opens door for new antibiotics
‘We are committed to no layoffs for 2020’
Sweet as: science of how diet can change way sugar tastes
University cancels spring convocation ceremonies as Canada battles COVID-19 pandemic
Drug-related deaths hardly affect life expectancy in USA
Beads traded more than 30,000 years ago offer early proof of social networks: University researchers
Scientists create model to predict multipathogen epidemics
JCU researchers say g’day to USA
Boeing Nominates New Directors; Announces Director Retirements
Air New Zealand joins NASA climate science mission
New paediatric care model produces positive results
After free lunch from drug firms, doctors increase prescriptions
Curtin develops cyber knowledge bank for open-access books
Space health institute awards six postdoctoral fellowships