Latest University of Minnesota News

Life Underground Suited New Dinosaur Fine
We used 1,000 historical photos to reconstruct Antarctic glaciers before a dramatic collapse
New cybersecurity center to protect grids integrated with renewables, microgrids
Seven Early-Career Scientists will Attend the AACR Annual Meeting with Ludwig Support
Computer model helps grape growers adapt to shorter winters
Robber flies track their beetle prey using tiny microbursts of movement
HKUST Prof. LAU Kei May Elected to the US National Academy of Engineering
Snail-inspired robot could scoop ocean microplastics
Gains for breeding program from US trip
UNSW Sunswift Racing claims Bridgestone World Solar Challenge victory after wind drama in Outback
Coral babies on ice ahead of hot Australian summer
Collaborators putting coral larvae ‘on ice’ to help reef restoration efforts
Iowa State University to bring Jack Trice’s legacy to the Iowa State Fair
Expert welcomes historic visit to United States and Guantánamo detention facility and affirms rights of victims of terrorism and victims of counter-terrorism
UN counterterrorism expert concludes visit to the United States and Guantanamo detention facility
New Dino, ‘Iani,’ Was Face of Changing Planet
USDA grant expands data-sharing initiative that reveals swine disease trends
How fast is the Universe really expanding? Multiple views of an exploding star raise new questions
AI-CLIMATE institute aims to curb emissions, boost economy
Racial equity messaging must be more inclusive
New Tools Capture Economic Benefit of Restoring Urban Streams
Study Finds Significant Variation in Anatomy of Human Guts
Book goes underground to find how climate change shapes stories
Neurosurgery and Neuroscience welcome new McNair Scholars
Africa’s grassy habitats emerged 10+ million years earlier than previously thought
New proteins involved in spinocerebellar ataxia provide insight into selective neuronal vulnerability
Many genes linked to alcohol and tobacco use are shared among diverse ancestries
Comment from AGA: FDA actions on fecal microbiota therapy
Stars fatal encounter with black hole creates rare luminous flash
Small percentage of globe provides critical natural benefits to most of humanity
Innovative $2.4m research into microplastics, Antarctic predators, respiratory function
Promising approach to mitigate complications of leukemia treatment
Finding solutions to Mississippi River basin’s biggest challenges
With therapeutic protein delivery strategy, researchers pave way for degenerative eye disease treatments
Sloan Foundation grant to help support equitable transition to renewable energy
Local Economic Data Encourages Legislators to Open Emails-But Only Democrats
Dr. Huda Zoghbi named 2022 Kavli Prize Laureate in neuroscience
Baylor College of Medicine names new dean of School of Health Professions
Astronomers discover rare ‘black widow’ binary, with shortest orbit yet
Highway death toll signs associated with more crashes, researchers find
Perennial Flax: Potential Cut Flower Crop
Mode of intraoperative support impacts primary graft dysfunction after lung transplant
Scholar to explore Iowa State’s role in Manhattan Project
Giant leap for immersive learning: Creating virtual reality classroom
Overwintered Cover Crops Show Promise as Soil Management Tool in High Tunnels
Researchers Receive $2.7 Million Grant from John Templeton Foundation to Study Virtue Formation Across Higher Education Contexts
Honeydew contaminated with systemic insecticides threatens beneficial insects
Success in Visualizing Propagation Path of Electromagnetic Waves from Space to Ground