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What is a sinkhole? A geotechnical engineer explains
When can my baby drink cow’s milk? It’s sooner than you think
ABBA: 50 Years Since Waterloo
New privacy-preserving robotic cameras obscure images beyond human recognition
Museum Removes Egyptian Body Parts From Galleries
Historic grant to improve intersex people’s health and wellbeing
NSW Government $5m for critical research and patient support to address Silicosis crisis
Ozempic isn’t approved for weight loss in Australia. So how are people accessing it?
Everybody’s Home to convene Australia’s first People’s Commission into the Housing Crisis
Puppets could offer valuable support for autistic teenagers
Five Sydney researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science
New Tree Of Life For Modern Birds
Galaxies get more chaotic as they age
Australia on track for unprecedented, decades-long megadroughts
We’ve awarded $5.3m to enable 12 world-class researchers around Australia
Remarkable achievements in research recognised with Academy awards
Why cocaine is considered performance-enhancing for athletes, and why it matters when the athlete took it
A 20-year ‘mega-drought’ in Australia? Research suggests it’s happened before – and we should expect it again
Days are getting shorter and colder. 6 tips for sticking to your fitness goals
Hundreds of animals were rescued after the Black Summer bushfires – but how many actually survived?
New grants support innovation in cancer research
Myrtle rust is lethal to Australian plants. Could citizen scientists help track its spread?
After 10 years of work, landmark study reveals new ‘tree of life’ for all birds living today
Tree of Life for Modern Birds Revealed The Largest and Most Complete Study Pinpoints Timing of Evolution
How to look after your mental health while packing up Mum or Dad’s home
Diabetes Australia kicks off partnership with Defeat Diabetes
Academy’s national symposium on food futures yields fruitful discussion
Medicine and health researchers honoured with NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
When does anti-Zionism become antisemitism? A Jewish historian’s perspective
The first pig kidney has been transplanted into a living person. But we’re still a long way from solving organ shortages
10 of the Best: Recognising Australia’s top researchers delivering extraordinary outcomes
University of Sydney researchers to inform government on jobs, skills and immigration
Research investigating ways to put methane reducing technology into the paddock
Canberra Health Services launches inaugural clinical research report
Bigger and better solar panel recycling centres needed to deal with PV waste says report
Curious Kids: how is eye colour made? And why are they different colours?
New Precision Care Clinic to transform cancer healthcare
‘Urgent and sustainable’ action needed to safeguard health: MJA-Lancet Countdown
World leading researchers convene to help combat space health hurdles
ABC Chair Kim Williams AO announces renewed ABC TOP 5 partnerships with three leading universities and Creative Australia
NSW latest new Precision Care Clinic to transform cancer healthcare
New study finds limited financial viability for cigarette vending machines in licensed venues
Grey-headed flying-fox population is stable – 10 years of monitoring reveals this threatened species is doing well
Conspiracy theorist tactics show it’s too easy to get around Facebook’s content policies
Minns and Perrottet jointly win inaugural State / Territory McKinnon Prize for political leadership
Svetlana Sterlin Wins Australia’s Richest Poetry Prize
American Civil War: prize-winning new book reveals plight of underage soldiers
Ten Australian scientists to attend the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting