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Researchers Awarded Australian Government Grants
Why did the Voice referendum fail? We crunched the data and found 6 reasons
How evolving landscapes impacted First Peoples’ migration to Australia
NHMRC Partnership Grants For Sydney Health Researchers
Tsetse fly protein provides anti-clotting agent with its own on-off switch
Methane emissions from landfill could be turned into sustainable jet fuel in plasma chemistry leap
Treatment-related pain may be ‘socially contagious’, study finds
University of Sydney awarded $18.4 million for national quantum centre
How did the early Great Barrier Reef manage rapid environmental change?
Underwater cultural heritage: why we’re studying ‘orphaned objects’ to work out which shipwrecks they came from
Mr Squiggle Has Landed At National Museum Of Australia
Albanese Government delivers $18.4 million national centre to grow quantum industry
$5 Million To Care For Koalas In Sydney’s South West
We looked at genetic clues to depression in more than 14,000 people. What we found may surprise you
Mind-bending maths could stop quantum hackers, but few understand it
We reconstructed landscapes that greeted the first humans in Australia around 65,000 years ago
Most bees don’t die after stinging – and other surprising bee facts
A WW2 Spitfire was lost in the Norwegian wilderness for 76 years. Now, a Sydney team is helping to rebuild it
End use of drug dogs, reduce police presence at future Mardi Gras: study
Return of the Gweagal Spears to the La Perouse Aboriginal Community
Mark Butler announces NHMRC funding for six telehealth research projects
Elon Musk says ‘disc replacement’ worked for him. But evidence this surgery helps chronic pain is lacking
Elon Musk is mad he’s been ordered to remove Sydney church stabbing videos from X. He’d be more furious if he saw…
More than coral: the unseen casualties of record-breaking heat on the Great Barrier Reef
The UK plans to phase out smoking. What does this new law mean for tobacco control in Australia?
Two people want to share the job of MP for Higgins. Is it constitutional?
A $5 million boost into furthering the quality and safety of telehealth
$5 Million To Help Ensure Quality And Safety Of Telehealth
Medical drone project receives $3.6 million to close health gap in rural and remote Australia
Fake news and misinformation: Sydney universities launch new database
The path of pesticides: researcher named Australian representative for global prize
Dunera Boys theatre production recreated for 81st anniversary
Some families push back against journalists who mine social media for photos – they have every right to
Transforming treatment for rare childhood kidney condition
CEF Mentor Program 2024: Meet Mentors From AuctionsPlus
New Therapy Shows Promise For Rare Childhood Dementia
Breastfeeding Unlocks Hidden Health Secret In Infants 18 April
OzGrav 2.0: A new era of astrophysics launched at Swinburne
Research explores how a father’s diet could shape the health of his offspring
Ghost roads in South-East Asia speed nature’s destruction
Textile Recyclers Australia joins UNSW SMaRT Centre’s ARC Microrecycling Research Hub
Program aims to break down dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities
Important health information missing in online food delivery menus
Murray Valley encephalitis: summer is over but mosquito-borne disease remains a risk in northern Australia
Bees, oysters and Meals on Wheels: the Grand Challenge projects awarded NSW Smart Sensing Network grants
Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline
Surgery won’t fix my chronic back pain, so what will?