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Svedberg Prize To KI Researcher Björn Reinius
KI’s President a member of the government’s life science council
Oxidative stress in heart failure varies between males and females
New method for early detection of relapse in the blood cancer disease myelodysplastic syndrome
In Memory Of Lennart Levi, 1930-2024
Two KI researchers awarded SEK 19 million from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
Studying Metastases And Drug Resistance In Lung Cancer
Cognitive Impairment Varies Significantly Among Individuals with Newly Diagnosed Psychosis
Fibroblasts in the penis are more important for erectile function than previously thought
The strange story of the grave of Copernicus
UN Secretary-General appoints Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda of Zimbabwe as UN Women Deputy Executive Director for Normative Support, United Nations System Coordination and Programme Results
Telling story of change in our world
Fewer suicides among boys in regions with more bipolar diagnoses
New insights on the risk for atrial fibrillation in children and young adults
Grambank shows diversity of world’s languages
Is there an optimal blood pressure drug for every person? Innovative study shows potential for personalised blood pressure treatment
Jörg Vogel new academy member
This strange donkey orchid uses UV light to trick bees into thinking it has food
Mucosal antibodies in the airways provide durable protection against SARS-CoV-2
Nobel Prize for Svante Pääbo
New study explains link between diabetes and UTIs
Imaging at ANSTO supported Curtin University-led research that discovered oldest 3D heart
New research goes to heart of our evolution
New Curtin-led research discovers heart of our evolution
Mucosal antibodies in airways protect against omicron infection
Hopes of new curative treatment for children with neuroblastoma
Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters
New findings may reduce risk of infection for patients with urinary catheters
Gene variant influences blood clot risk in severe Covid
Microparticles with feeling
Novel study of small fish in Icelandic waters sheds new light on adaptive change
New strategy to preserve insulin-producing cells in diabetes
Higher risk of psychotropic medication after sexual harassment in workplace
Study identifies potential new approach for treating diabetes complications
Beating odds in mutation’s game of chance
Scientists coolly recall fiery volcano visit
Scientists to join team for live volcanic eruption
Brain ‘noise’ may hold keys to psychiatric treatment efficacy
Magma ‘conveyor belt’ fuelled world’s longest erupting supervolcanoes
USC joins $9m global sustainability research program
One step closer to understanding human brain