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Overseas partnerships acknowledge on International Customs Day
AI for Social Impact series continues Jan. 28 with ‘Science of Science’
Hungry yeast are tiny, living thermometers
Shift work helps marine microbes share scarce ocean resources
Astronomers focus robotic eyes on Milky Way, our cosmic home
Astronomers turn robotic eyes on Milky Way, our cosmic home
Bubbles of methane rising from seafloor in Puget Sound
After 20 years of visits, ICRC calls for transfers of eligible Guantanamo detainees
Shifting ocean closures best way to protect animals from accidental catch
Who will be Ballina Shire Citizen of Year?
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Robot-assisted feeding focus of $1.5M NSF grant
Study Finds Reduced Microbial Diversity in Guts of Wild Bears That Eat Human Food
Evusheld long-acting antibody combination retains neutralising activity against Omicron variant 23 December
Marilyn Migiel wins MLA prize for book on ‘proto-feminist’ poet
Australia appoints new ambassador to Timor-Leste
Deforestation-fueled heat already affecting millions of outdoor workers in tropics
George Ellis named Cabonne Council Australia Day Ambassador
Examining impact of drone warfare on global world order
Dr Ayoade Alakija appointed WHO Special Envoy for ACT-Accelerator
Australian FM statement on Caroline Kennedy
Brother alums who turned tragedy into triumph honored with scholarship
Nonprofits show resilience and initiative during second year of pandemic
Online course makes hard cider easier
Artificial intelligence can create better lightning forecasts
Decoding dementia in dogs could help fight Alzheimer’s
CBA and Northern Trust execute first certified Green Repurchase Agreement
Climate-driven disease compromises seagrass health
Australian Museum celebrates 10 years of DigiVol
‘Would you like little ice with your exoplanet?’ For Earth-like worlds, that may be tall order
Simulations show how earthquake early warning might be improved for magnitude-9 earthquakes
Apple, Boys & Girls Clubs team up to offer coding opportunities to kids, teens
Photographic memories II
Police investigating robbery at Craigmore, South Australia
Foreign Affairs Minister concludes final stage of world trip
Interim statement on Covid vaccination for children and adolescents
UOW partners with Fulbright Australia to host prestigious scholarship program
AstraZeneca unveils Discovery Centre in Cambridge
Kids, teens believe girls aren’t interested in computer science, study shows
Foreign Minister concludes successful visit to United Arab Emirates and Qatar