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David Livingstone Smith talks dehumanization, propaganda on ‘Through Conversations’ podcast
Barrels of ancient Antarctic air aim to track history of rare gas
UW scientist to lead NASA field study of East Coast snowstorms
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Outlook for polar regions in a 2 degrees warmer world
Better wildfire and smoke predictions with new vegetation database
For some corals, meals can come with a side of microplastics
Viral behavior linked to type 1 diabetes in high-risk children
Research to turbocharge rice given major funding boost
Carpentry Compiler helps woodworkers design objects that they can actually make
Smithsonian architect and Aboriginal artist design new Sydney plaza
Researchers get ‘glimpse into a human mind’ as it makes choices in groups, social media
Dads in prison can bring poverty, instability for families on outside
Mantis shrimp make sense of a ‘staggering’ amount of visual information
Boeing 737 MAX 10 Makes its Debut
Royal Society elects first female political scientist
Apple expands in Austin
Among transgender children, gender identity as strong as in cisgender children, study shows
EGYPTAIR Adds More Boeing 787s to Fleet as Dreamliners Deliver 23% Fuel Boost
Brisbane: A world cycling city?
UW aerospace engineer part of $1.7M grant to study corals
QRC supports critical minerals investment push
How maternal Zika infection results in newborn microcephaly
Terrorism and Trade on agenda as Foreign Minister visits United States
New Weill Neurohub will unite UCSF, UC Berkeley, UW in race to find new treatments for brain
Augmented reality app helping veterans manage anxiety
Giving a Boost to Kiwi small businesses
Team uses golden ‘lollipop’ to observe elusive interference effect at nanoscale
Sled dogs lead way in quest to slow aging
September Air Freight Volumes Remain Weak
New High Commissioner to United Kingdom announced
Backward Glance – Remembrance Day, a bridge across time
Fall storms, coastal erosion focus of northern Alaska research cruise
One per cent China FTA upgrade
Swordfish as oceanographers? Satellite tags allow research of ocean’s ‘twilight zone’ off Florida
Light-based ‘tractor beam’ assembles materials at nanoscale
New database enhances genomics research collaboration
Malaria parasite lives on edge
New technique lets researchers map strain in next-gen solar cells
Visit to Washington DC
Political scientist Megan Ming Francis to edit new series on race, ethnicity, politics
Popular third-party genetic genealogy site is vulnerable to compromised data, impersonations
Globally connected quarterly news: spring
Teen marijuana use may have next-generation effects
Hubble captures galaxies’ ghostly gaze
PBS host to discuss Iowa Caucuses, 2020 elections at Iowa State
Deep dive into Earth’s interior shows change isn’t skin deep
NSF invests in cyberinfrastructure institute to harness cosmic data