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UW atmospheric scientist participating in field campaign to improve Western snowfall, drought forecasts
Hard Work, Personal Stories Bring Speech Team Big Wins
‘Dancing’ raisins − a simple kitchen experiment reveals how objects can extract energy from their environment and come to life
What are roads made of? A pavement materials engineer explains the science behind the asphalt you drive on
Ultrasound Experiment Identifies New Superconductor
Microsoft announces $3.3 billion investment in Wisconsin to spur artificial intelligence innovation and economic growth
Do implicit bias trainings on race improve health care? Not yet – but incorporating the latest science can help hospitals treat all patients equitably
What you eat could alter your unborn children and grandchildren’s genes and health outcomes
Amcor Flexibles North America announces largest dairy production capacity expansion in its history
Removing PFAS from public water will cost billions and take time – here are ways to filter out some harmful ‘forever chemicals’ at home
Online child safety laws could help or hurt – 2 pediatricians explain what’s likely to work and what isn’t
How AI and a popular card game can help engineers predict catastrophic failure – by finding the absence of a pattern
Microsoft and NVIDIA announce major integrations to accelerate generative AI for enterprises everywhere
Microsoft announces collaboration with NVIDIA to accelerate healthcare and life sciences innovation with advanced cloud, AI and accelerated computing capabilities
New consortium of healthcare leaders announces formation of Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN), making safe and fair AI accessible to every healthcare organization
Low-level blasts from heavy weapons can cause traumatic brain injury − 2 engineers explain the physics of invisible cell death
Discrimination Drives Smoking Habits, Hurting Heart Health
Zombie deer disease is spreading and scientists are concerned that it could jump to humans
How to show your companion you love them this V-Day
Amcor announces expansion of thermoforming production capacity to support healthcare customer growth in North America
How math can improve fairness in elections, redistricting
How Companies Worked Around a Law Aimed at Keeping U.S. Tax Dollars from Going Overseas
Councils are opening the door to tiny houses as a quick, affordable and green solution
Scrapping smokefree plans massive blow for health
Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
Annual awards highlight region’s sports stars
Building a better internet for children: how-to guide launched
Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Leverage Generative AI Capabilities for Enhanced Productivity and Faster Time-to-Market
Researchers design a national testing facility to simulate tornadoes, downbursts and gusts; Experiments will help them engineer buildings that can stand up…
In Amish-Chinese partnership, shiitake mushrooms are the main ingredient
US and Canadian Researchers Team Up to Prevent Spread of Oak-killing Disease
ISU researchers part of nationwide project to make sweet corn even better
Educational linguistics across borders
First method to assess exposure to common sleep disorder
First method to access exposure to common sleep disorder
Self-folding origami machines powered by chemical reaction
Cornell economist co-edits PNAS issue focused on value of clean water
Swinburne researchers secure funding grant for bioinspired nanomaterials
Study finds simple, cheap way to use forests to slow global climate change
Australian Museum’s homegrown blockbuster exhibition Sharks heads to the USA – Last four days to see Sharks – exhibition closes in Sydney…
Microsoft and Epic expand strategic collaboration with integration of Azure OpenAI Service
Lexus Unveils Installation by Suchi Reddy, Shaped by Air, Alongside Prototypes by LEXUS DESIGN AWARD Winners During Milan Design Week
Lexus to Present LEXUS DESIGN AWARD and Shaped by Air, an Homage to the Lexus Ethos of Sustainability, Innovation, and Design Excellence…
Four UWA high achievers awarded Fulbright Scholarships
Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse
Timber carving pays homage to Erica’s historical roots
Cornell leads $3M project to grow organic dry bean industry