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Joint Industry Call on Governments to Consider Aviation Workers as Essential for Vaccination
COVAX Announces additional deals to access promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates; plans global rollout starting Q1 2021
New study highlights cost-effectiveness of bans on pesticides as a suicide prevention strategy
New PSA campaign from WHO and YouTube is a playbook for a safe holiday season
WHO launches Baseline report for Decade of Healthy Ageing
Launch of Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool
Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool in time of COVID-19
Associate Professor Joshua Vogel is Alastair Lucas Prize winner
New drug to combat global killer sepsis
IATA Calls for Reopening of Air Connectivity between Panama and Venezuela
IATA Unveils Key Design Elements of IATA Travel Pass
Updated WHO Information Note: Ensuring continuity of TB services during COVID-19 pandemic
Prestigious Fenner Award to Chad Hughes
Fenner Award to Chad Hughes
How resilient is insurance industry against climate change?
FAO launches UN’s International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021
IATA Renews Call on Governments to Consider Aviation Workers as Essential for Vaccination
Neglected tropical diseases: WHO and Sanofi renew decades-long collaboration to sustain elimination efforts
Monitoring childbirth in a new era for maternal health
WHO Information Notice for IVD Users
Decade of Healthy Ageing: a new UN-wide initiative
World’s largest youth organizations, representing 250 million members, and WHO launch global mobilization to respond to disruptive
Researchers designing new face masks to overcome communication issues
Available for review: Chemical background documents for WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality
Almost 2 billion people depend on health care facilities without basic water services – WHO, UNICEF
Norway paves way to ensure equal access to COVID-19 treatments and develops trailblazing flagship initiative
WHO, IFRC sign memorandum of understanding on emergency medical teams
New checklist supports schools to reopen and prepare for COVID-19 resurgences
Thermal energy storage key to reducing agricultural food pollution
Study goal to reduce rates of C-section
Call for Action: Managing Infodemic Manifesto
Statement from ‘civil society’ track of 3rd Global Infodemic Management Conference
Pressures and Possibilities: Pandemic Story We’re Still Writing
Campaigners warn that 9 out of 10 people in poor countries are set to miss out on COVID-19 vaccine
Retention of health workforce in rural and remote areas: a systematic review
Strategic partnerships for global health: Luxembourg and WHO convene strategic dialogue
WHO launches year-long campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco
COVID vaccine priority must go to dementia patients
WHO announces development of new guidance on Hepatitis C self-testing
WHO announces forthcoming updates on systematic screening for tuberculosis
Could chatbot be a lifeline for dementia carers?
Should Australians be worried about waiting for a COVID vaccine?
Investing in midwife-led interventions could save 4.3 million lives per year, new study finds
Global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines estimated to generate economic benefits of
New United Nations report reveals inequality in geographical distribution of malnutrition in Latin America
Profile: Dr Collins Tabu, Head of Immunization Programme, Ministry of Health, Kenya
New toolkit aims to improve global birth defects surveillance
Information campaign to help older people keep well this winter