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Trade Minister heads to Abu Dhabi for key WTO negotiations
Renewed efforts are needed to open markets as barriers to services trade remained high in 2023
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Trade Minister travels to Geneva and Dubai
Advancing Knowledge on Trade, Food Security and Nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean
COP28: FAO spotlights agrifood systems’ potential to address climate impacts and achieve 1.5°C goal
COP28: FAO-WTO reinforce collaboration on agrifood trade and food safety
WHO, WIPO, WTO Symposium highlights interrelatedness of climate change and human health
Second Australia-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, New Delhi
Statement on joint outcomes of the China-Australia annual leaders’ meeting
United States-Australia Joint Leaders’ Statement – Building an innovation alliance
Communique – Second Meeting of the Ministerial Council on Trade and Investment
Business welcomes China visit to further enhance economic ties
Visit to People’s Republic of China
Sixth Philippines-Australia Ministerial Meeting
Australia-Japan Ministerial Economic Dialogue Joint Ministerial Statement
Modern slavery and clean energy transition: Understanding energy justice in Australia
WHO, WIPO, WTO renew commitment to support integrated solutions to global health challenges
Joint declaration on a Strategic Partnership between the Republic of the Philippines and the Commonwealth of Australia
Insight – Taiwan temporarily opens market for eggs and egg products
Treaties Committee recommends ratification of WTO Fisheries Subsidies Agreement
New Zealand and UAE launch exploratory trade talks
Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Ministerial meeting in Adelaide
Closer Economic Relations Ministerial talks in Adelaide
ABC RN Drive with Andy Park
Resolution of barley dispute with China
Treaties Committee to consider WTO Fisheries Subsidies Agreement
Australia-New Zealand Leaders’ Meeting 2023
Second update of information note on integrated health, trade, IP response to COVID-19 launched
EU FTA to increase NZ exports to the EU by $1.8 billion a year
Joint Communique – Australia-Indonesia Annual Leaders’ Meeting
Analysis – Opportunities for Australian sugar exports to UK
Prime Minister meets with President Xi
Joint Declaration Against Trade-Related Economic Coercion and Non-Market Policies and Practices
Advancing Australia’s trade interests in Europe
Joint Statement for the 8th Singapore-Australia Annual Leaders’ meeting
Alliance for our times
16th Joint Ministerial Economic Commission, Beijing
Joint Communiqué of the 13th Meeting of the Singapore-Australia Joint Ministerial Committee
Meeting between Australia’s Minister for Trade and Tourism and Vietnam’s Minister of Industry and Trade
CNBC with Tanvir Gill & Sam Vadas
Analysis – Additional raw sugar access into the US for Australian exporters until September 2023
Statement on China barley trade
Improving access to novel COVID-19 treatments
Step forward to resolve barley dispute with China
40 years of Closer Economic Relations with Australia