Latest zoonotic disease News

Protect Habitat To Prevent Pandemics
One Health contribution to FAO Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
CSIRO announces the appointment of new Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness director
CSIRO appoints new Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness Director
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Helping animals survive 45-degree heat: Australian vets share climate change experiences with Indian colleagues
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New touring exhibition at Bayside Gallery: ZOONOSES
South Africa’s cruel lion farming industry is fuelling the illegal international trade in big cat bones
$13 million to tackle feral fig problem
$13 million to tackle feral pig problem
Rising monkey and pig populations pose human disease risk
Fifth deceased whale during annual migration
New exhibition at gallery
Australian delegation joins global authorities on animal health at the WOAH 90th General Session
Quadripartite welcomes OHHLEP’s new white paper on zoonotic spillover prevention
Strengthening livestock disease surveillance in the Philippines
Quadripartite call to action for One Health for a safer world
Enhancing livestock systems in South-East Asia
Combating brucellosis transmission in Timor-Leste
U.S. Unprepared for Dangers Posed by Zoonotic Diseases, New Analysis Concludes
AVA calls on next Victorian State Government to support three key areas important to veterinary profession
Calling next Victorian State Government to support veterinary profession
Wild dog baiting benefits native wildlife
Wild bird monitoring to help risk-predict zoonotic disease
Veterinary class gets creative for zoonotic disease communication
Outbreak from mozzies wake-up for Aussies
Charles Sturt University receives Regional Research Collaboration funding
WHO releases clinical management guidelines for influenza
One Health is critical to addressing zoonotic public health threats and environmental issues
Beware flood waters carrying animal diseases
Japanese encephalitis: further detections on Victorian farms
Preventing rabies in our region
From bats to bears, program protects NYS wildlife from disease
Australia leads global efforts to prevent future pandemics
FAO welcomes $10 million USA contribution to its Covid response efforts
NSW new don’t risk Salmonella Summer, be cautious this Christmas
Griffith partners with new HEAL research network
UWA innovative research projects awarded national funding
Sydney takes top honours in 2021 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science
COP26 – Greenpeace condemns green light for another decade of forest destruction
India launches new national action plan for dog mediated rabies elimination by 2030