Transparency needed on Jacqui Lambie Network budget bids 24 June 2024

Tas Labor

The Liberal-Lambie coalition agreement outlines that budget bids made by the Jacqui Lambie Network MPs need to be lodged no less than three months prior to the scheduled delivery of the budget.

With the budget set to be delivered by the Government in September, the Jacqui Lambie Network MPs should be upfront with the Tasmanian people on what they have requested from their Liberal Government partners. To date, the lack of transparency from the three Jacqui Lambie Network MPs is astonishing. They have refused interviews with the media, failed to offer opinions in Parliament and failed to outline any policy positions.

The Tasmanian people, especially those who voted for Andrew Jenner, Miriam Beswick and Rebekah Pentland, deserve to know what projects and initiatives they have put forward.

Being elected on a platform of no policies is one thing, representing your constituents with no transparency and accountability is another. All they seem to be doing right now is propping up the Liberal minority government they are in coalition with.

It’s time for the Jacqui Lambie Network MPs to deliver the transparency and integrity they promised.

*Section 3, V of the Liberal-Lambie coalition agreement states:

JLN Members are able to put forward “budget bids” directly to the office of the Premier, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate Department and the Treasury for analysis and consideration.

i. While these proposals will be considered in good faith, the Government gives no commitments that they will be enacted;

ii. Such bids need to be lodged no less than three months prior to the scheduled delivery of the budget

Josh Willie MP

Shadow Treasurer

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