Trumps cheap shot to boost his popularity

Australian Arab Affairs

The Australian Arab community strongly condemn President Donald Trump for using the American assassination of ISIS leader, Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi to boost his popularity.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been responsible for the torture, murder and displacement of millions of innocent people during his reign at ISIS, and should have been detained or assassinated by the Americans much earlier. We also believe the rise of terrorist groups and radical leaders like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the direct result of America invading Iraq in 1991.
We condemn the recent decision to remove US troops from northern Syria, which has enabled the Turkish military to invade the country and slaughter innocent Kurdish people.
Before America’s attack and involvement in the area, countries like Iraq and Syria were cosmopolitan and Jewels of the Middle East. Arabs, Kurds, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived and grown up peacefully together in secular land of Mesopotamia. But since America’s invasion of the area, countries like Syria and Iraq has festered into a hotbed of radicalism and religious dictatorship.
Terrorist leaders, including the likes of Abo Musab Al Zarqawi and Abu Baker al Baghdadi have been able to take control. Such terrorist radicals had no chance to exist under the secular dictatorship of Saddam Hussein’s government, as he stood against religious fanatics.
The American Government and its allies have a moral responsibility to make amends for the religious dictatorship it has caused in the area in particular Iraq.
The American led occupation of Iraq has replaced Saddam Hussein’s political dictatorship with an Iranian controlled religious one. No dictatorship is good, but if you have a choice you would select a political dictatorship because you can stay out of trouble by sticking to the rules and avoiding political conversations and activities. However, with a religious dictatorship you have no control
because if you are born into the wrong religious faction, you are deemed an “infidel” and enemy of the government. To add to the risk, if your parents named you “Omar”, “Zaid” or “Yezed” in a Shiaa controlled government, you can be executed under Shiaa Islamic religious law.
America’s involvement in the middle East and decision making process seems to be getting worse and it is not learning from its mistake, the recent decision to remove its troops from northern Syria has enabled the Turkish military to invade the country and slaughter innocent Kurdish people. This decision, which demonstrates Trump’s geopolitical ineptitude, has handed more power to the
Iranian, Russian and Turkish Governments, with the potential to escalate religious dictatorship and discrimination against minorities in the Middle East. For the last few weeks Iraqi’s citizens have been protesting in the streets revolting against the religious Iranian-led Government because they
have had enough of the religious dictatorship dividing their country. They want to return to the peaceful, tolerant society that predated America’s invasion of Iraq. It is a golden opportunity for Trump to step in and form an alliance of Western powers to reduce the influence of the Iranian Governments and bring real democracy and religious tolerance to the region.
Dr Laith Barnouti, Public Officer
/Public Release.