We Are Changing Our Data Tools

This page has information on how our data tools NZ.Stat and Infoshare are changing, how you will be affected, and what you need to do to prepare.

What’s changing 

Our new data tool, Aotearoa Data Explorer (ADE), is going live on 29 July 2024. NZ.Stat will continue to be available until 13 September 2024.

The way that people can access data from Stats NZ is changing. We are replacing NZ.Stat and intend to replace Infoshare. These changes will be delivered in phases.

We have nearly finished the first phase of delivering our new data tool, Aotearoa Data Explorer, which will replace NZ.Stat. We have been working with our customers to test a beta version of Aotearoa Data Explorer and have been adding data and making changes that reflect their feedback since July 2023.

In the second phase of the customer data tools project we are turning our attention to replacing Infoshare. We will also focus on improving customer experience and our internal processes.  We invite customers who would like to be involved in shaping this work to contact the project team at [email protected].

Changes with Aotearoa Data Explorer going live

Aotearoa Data Explorer looks different to our current data tools and has new features that the current tools don’t have.

When the Aotearoa Data Explorer goes live, we will enter a transition period where data will be loaded onto both the new tool ADE and NZ.Stat. Much of the data from NZ.Stat has been migrated data to Aotearoa Data Explorer. Data that has not being migrated is available to download from NZ.Stat now and during the transition period. For specific information on what data is and is not being migrated please email [email protected].

All NZ.Stat data will remain accessible until 13 September 2024. From 14 September, the data will be available through Aotearoa Data Explorer or our Information Centre.

How you are affected 

We expect the changes will impact all customers who use NZ.Stat and Infoshare. 

You may need to make changes to the way you do things in response to the new data tool. When Aotearoa Data Explorer goes live in July there will be user guides and video tutorials available to help you.

Infoshare will continue to be available alongside Aotearoa Data Explorer after NZ.Stat is retired, until we are ready to replace it. 

Why we are doing this 

We believe it’s crucial for our customers to have easy access to modern tools providing the data they need. Our current data tools have served us for many years, but we know today’s demands are high and it’s time for something new to better serve our customers. 

We know there have been occasions when our current tools have not performed as they should. You’ve told us you value a better search experience with faster download speeds among other experience-related improvements. 

We also take privacy and security seriously and are driven to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand data is cared for through robust, modern practices. 

What you need to do at this stage 

We encourage you to set aside time to transition to Aotearoa Data Explorer after 29 July. We will have short instructional videos and user guides to help you find your way around the new data tool.

We will be providing more information about turning off NZ.Stat as this next step comes closer. If you regularly use Infoshare, we invite you to contact our project team at [email protected] to get involved in the work to replace it. 

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