What Did Lambies Bid For In Budget? 20 June 2024

Tas Labor

The ability to put forward budget bids* is one of the only significant measures the Jacqui Lambie Network managed to secure in exchange for propping up the minority Liberal government, yet Tasmanians still have no idea what they have put in bids for or indeed whether have they have put in any bids at all.

If Rebekah Pentland, Andrew Jenner and Miriam Beswick are serious about transparency and accountability like they claim to be, they owe it to Tasmanians to let them know which projects and initiatives they put forward.

After being elected on a platform of no policies, refusing interviews with the media and failing to speak on motions in the Parliament, many Tasmanians are still scratching their heads trying to work out what the Lambies stand for.

This week, Mr Jenner finally had something to say about health, accusing the government of “putting Band-Aids on bullet holes” regarding the controversial ramping ban.

Did he put his money where his mouth is and put in a request for additional health services in the Lambies’ budget bidding process?

If he didn’t – what’s the point of the Jacqui Lambie Network?

*Section 3, V of the Liberal-Lambie coalition agreement states:

JLN Members are able to put forward “budget bids” directly to the office of the Premier, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate Department and the Treasury for analysis and consideration.

i. While these proposals will be considered in good faith, the Government gives no commitments that they will be enacted;

ii. Such bids need to be lodged no less than three months prior to the scheduled delivery of the budget

Shane Broad MP

Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly

/Public Release. View in full here.