Audit highlights role of engineers in infrastructure planning

Engineers Australia has welcomed the release of the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit as the first step in identifying nationally significant reform and investment priorities to meet Australia’s long-term infrastructure needs.

“With Australia’s population expected to grow by 23.7% to 31.4 million by 2034, and rapid technological developments, Engineers Australia supports Infrastructure Australia’s assessment that long term reform and investment to meet the growing demand on our infrastructure assets is essential to our nation’s prosperity and security,” said Engineers Australia CEO, Peter McIntyre.

“Some of the Audit’s key messages are particularly relevant to the engineering profession. Engineers design, build, maintain, operate and use infrastructure. Their specialised skills and engagement across almost every sector of our economy gives engineers unique insight into the capacity, adequacy and innovative potential of infrastructure.

“Engineers are committed to principles that drive change towards a resilient future and recognise that quality, affordable and reliable infrastructure is crucial to a sound Australia, now and in the future.”

Mr McIntyre said the early and ongoing engagement of engineers across all stages of infrastructure projects and a strong pipeline of supply is needed to ensure innovative and resilient infrastructure planning.

“The Audit found that constant and rapid change is creating challenges for the way we plan, deliver and operate infrastructure,” he said.

“Engineers can assist with these challenges and maximise opportunities. Engineers create solutions for our sustainable future and a robust pipeline of engineers to help lead innovation, policy, planning and delivery is a critical piece of the infrastructure puzzle.”

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