Australian based company, Integria Healthcare, secures 10 – year agreement to export Australian made

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Australian based company, Integria Healthcare, secures10 – year agreement to export Australian made and manufactured product to the USA

Significant Development in the Export of Australian-made natural medicines

November 2020 – Leading natural herbal medicines business, Integria Healthcare, announced the renewal for a further 10 years their distribution partnership in the US with Standard Process.

Integria Healthcare and Standard Process have partnered together to make Australian-made MediHerb® herbal supplements available to natural medicine practitioners across the US for 20 years. MediHerb® herbal supplements are made at the Integria GMP-standard processing facility in Warwick, Queensland.
This agreement renewal represents a success story for both businesses in their work together to contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities across the USA and a further significant step in the development of value-added exports from Australia.

Integria HealthCare CEO, Michael Bracka, said “we are very proud to renew our contract for a further 10 years. This significant agreement builds on the incredible legacy of a successful 20-year partnership with Standard Process in having Australian-made MediHerb® herbal medicines available to practitioners across the USA. During 2020, Integria is making a significant investment into the Warwick facility to underpin the future of Australian made natural medicines and expand export opportunities around the world. Integria supplies natural herbal medicines to retailers and natural medicine clinics across Australia and New Zealand and exports to North America, China, Asia and Europe. We are committed to the future of natural medicines and very proud to be able to invest in this way for the future. We look forward to a prosperous, health-focused future with our US partners Standard Process.”

“Standard Process and Integria Healthcare have a unique relationship in our industry because we combine the expertise of a leading whole food-based supplement company, and a leading herbal supplement company,” said Standard Process President and CEO Charlie DuBois. “As powerful as our past has been, our future looks even better,” he said.

As well as providing innovative products, the agreement will feature enhanced collaboration that incorporates coordinated and integrated educational programs, marketing initiatives, and business expansion projects.

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