Australians Will Die Due To Scot Morrisons and Premiers Failure

Doctors Reform Society

Australians Will Die As A Result Of The Vaccine Rollout Failures Of Scot Morrison And The State Premiers.

“Thousands of Australians will be infected with the Delta covid virus unnecessarily and some will die as a result of the failure of Mr Scot Morrison and the State premiers who have failed to provide sufficient Pfizer vaccine to the 5 local government areas of Sydney where the delta virus is spreading rapidly” said Dr Con Costa President of NSW Doctors Reform Society (DRS)
” There is an urgent need for Scot Morrison to provide 500000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate 70 % of the adult population of the 5 Local Government Areas most effected in Sydney to stop the Delta virus spreading exponentially and spreading to the whole of Australia”said Dr Costa
” My experience as a GP in Sydney and from what I have heard from other exhausted GPs in the effected Sydney LGAs, like Dr Rifi, is that most of the population ,including many over 60 year olds, have refused to have the Astra Zeneca vaccine and will only have the Pfizer vaccine” said Dr Robert Marr GP and Vice president DRS NSW.
” The NSW Minister for Health Mr Hazzard has pleaded with Mr Morrison for much more Pfizer vaccine” said Dr Robert Marr
“If Mr Morrison does not provide Sydney with 500000 doses (not 50000 as he has offered) from the national emergency stockpile of Pfizer vaccines in the next 7 days and work with NSW to arrange 24 hour pop up immunization clinics he will be responsible for the failure to contain the delta virus and the resulting preventable illnesses and deaths” said Dr Costa
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