COVID workers comp repeal harsh and unnecessary

Unions NSW

Unions NSW has slammed the Government’s heartless decision to repeal the presumption an employee will get workers compensation if they contract COVID-19.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said the decision was short sighted.

“This change of policy is harsh, heartless and unnecessary. It is a sop to the business community who want lower workers comp premiums and ultimately will leave vulnerable workers exposed.

“Once again, the Coalition has shown it is either oblivious or callous when it comes to the needs and rights of casual workers, who are being badly ripped off.

“Any savings to government will be tiny but the impact on individual workers will be massive. The most affected workers will be those who are putting themselves in harm’s way to serve the public. Overwhelmingly this will be women who have already borne the economic brunt of the pandemic.

“This is not the sort of nastiness that has gotten us through the pandemic. The Minister really needs to reconsider.

“Had the Coalition not completely trashed iCare it wouldn’t be resorting to such cheap and nasty behaviour, targeting those who got us through the pandemic.”

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