Employment Precinct Proposed North Of Adelaide

SA Gov

Investigations are underway into a potential new green economy precinct north of Adelaide, which would support growth in the state’s green energy, manufacturing, defence and food production sectors.

Led by Leinad Land Developments (Dublin) Pty Ltd, the proposal would rezone 400 ha of land near the township of Dublin to deliver new employment opportunities, with plans for the site including:

  • green energy production from biomass
  • innovative farming and food production methods
  • fertiliser harvesting and distribution
  • manufacturing, fabrication and logistics, particularly for the renewable energy sector.

The employment precinct would also provide opportunities for defence and infrastructure uses, potentially building on existing defence operations north-east of Dublin.

A key feature of plans for the site is constructing a new 6.5 MW bioreactor that processes organic waste into gas and electricity plus food grade CO2 for vertical agriculture, water and fertiliser.

These products would be integrated with other activities across the precinct, as well as surrounding rural land uses and possible future residential development, growing the state’s circular economy.

A number of investigations will be undertaken as part of developing the detailed proposal for approval, to ensure existing employment land supply is considered and impacts on the existing infrastructure, including Port Wakefield Road, environment, Dublin community, local businesses and Aboriginal heritage are well understood.

This process will include engagement with the community and key stakeholders to ensure they have the opportunity to express their views on the proposed amendment.

The proposed Code Amendment is the first step in delivering Leinad Land Developments (Dublin) Pty Ltd’s long-term vision of creating a broader green circular economy precinct.

Further information regarding the Dublin Green Circular Economy (Employment Areas) Code Amendment is available on the PlanSA website.

As put by Nick Champion

The South Australia Government is committed to transforming the economy to net zero emissions and innovative precincts like this proposal would help reduce waste and create jobs in a growing area of the city.

We need developments that boost the state’s sustainable energy options, create jobs and support new energy technologies and assets.

This proposal has the potential to improve supply chains in green industries and support development of renewable energy products across the state.

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