Greens condemn Israel’s deliberate & continued campaign of attacking aid workers & aid agencies

Australian Greens

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for International Aid & Global Justice Senator Mehreen Faruqi has backed the call of Zomi Frankcom’s family for a war crimes investigation into her murder and those of other aid workers, which she says is part of Israel’s deliberate and sustained undermining of aid agencies in Gaza.

Israel has killed almost 200 aid workers in Gaza since October. Israel has also been deliberately stopping aid agencies from doing their jobs. According to NGO Save the Children, “Essential food and medical items are being obstructed from entering Gaza for days, weeks or even months.”

Israel has long tried to dismantle and undermine UNRWA, the main aid agency in Gaza. In January, Australia and other countries shamefully suspended funding to UNRWA based on unsubstantiated allegations. Just last week, Israel sent a proposal to dismantle UNRWA to the UN.

As stated by Senator Faruqi:

“Israel’s targeting of a clearly identified convoy of aid workers is just one example of their attacks and undermining of aid agencies and workers.

“Just a phone call simply isn’t good enough. The Australian government must respond with actions, not words.

“An investigation by Israel into the murders is totally unacceptable. We don’t ask murderers to investigate their murders. Why would we ask war criminals to investigate their war crimes?

“The attack sent a stark message to the world that those who come to the aid of Gazans will not be spared, and it is having the intended chilling effect, with several aid agencies pausing operations in Gaza.

“It is clear, no one and nowhere is safe in Gaza.

“These attacks on aid agencies and aid workers are nothing less than an attempt by Israel to accelerate genocide and starve Palestinians of food and basic needs.

“The Labor government must increase funding to UNRWA, sanction Israel, end military exports to Israel and call for an independent war crimes investigation into the deaths of Zomi and other aid workers, by an agency like the International Criminal Court.

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