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GAZA: Families fleeing Rafah say they are being ‘killed slowly’ as forced to move again
Anti-Slavery Commissioner Bills falls short
AFGHANISTAN: About 40,000 children lose homes after heavy rains and flash floods in Baghlan province
FEDERAL BUDGET: Australian Government must focus on local and global crises affecting children
Afghanistan: Flash floods kill at least 200 people including children
Gaza: Critical aid supplies to keep children alive blocked as Israel takes over final land crossing – Save the Children
Legal appeal to repatriate Australian children from Northeast Syria begins in Federal Court
Maternal health: Nearly one in five children born in 2024 will enter the world without medical care, putting them and mothers at risk
GAZA: Injured children struggling to recover amid decimated health system after witnessing horrific scenes
Bangladesh: Extreme heat closes all schools and forces 33 million children out of classrooms
Statement by principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee on the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Crushing levels of violence, displacement fuel…
HAITI: 600 children daily dodging gunfire as they flee Haitian capital in month of violence
Save the Children and Judith Neilson Foundation team up to address malaria in Malawi
Afghanistan: 250,000 children in need of food, homes and education after returning from Pakistan
Queensland politicians must step up to reform state’s broken youth justice system
Australia urged to commit $50 million for war in Sudan
Sudan’s year of war: One in two children in the line of fire
UKRAINE: March the most dangerous month for children since last July
Australia has stepped up to prevent famine before and should do so again in Gaza
GAZA: Over 2% of Gaza’s child population killed or injured in six months of war
Time is running out for international action to protect civilians and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah, as UN Security Council resolution is ignored
Greens condemn Israel’s deliberate & continued campaign of attacking aid workers & aid agencies
Australian humanitarian agencies condemn aid worker deaths
DRC: Violence in North Kivu forces over 500 schools to close, with teachers kidnapped and students terrified
Queen Rania meets with Save the Children CEO for update on Children in Gaza
Denying food aid to starving families at risk of famine in northern Gaza will send more children to their graves
Yemen: Nine years into conflict and two years into truce, school dropouts soar
Save the Children welcomes Australia’s decision to reinstate funding to UNRWA
“Complete psychological destruction”: Children in Gaza have suffered “relentless mental harm” during five months of war
Australia commits $3 million to assist in the elimination of dengue fever in Laos
Children as young as nine face mass sexual violence and mutilation in the DRC – Save the Children
Palestinian children in Israeli military detention report increasingly violent conditions
Vanuatu still recovering from twin cyclones one year on, as communities prepare for future disasters
Jump of 35 % in teen pregnancies in the Philippines prompts calls to increase sex education and health service
EU And Member States Must Sustain Funding To UNRWA
Joint NGO Statement Calling on UN Security Council to Pass Gaza Ceasefire Resolution
“While children die from lack of food, their parents are killed trying to get it for them” – Save the Children
Southern Africa: A four-fold surge in cholera cases puts tens of thousands of children at risk as cyclone season brings more flooding
“GRAVE VIOLATIONS AGAINST CHILDREN MUST STOP”- Statement by Save the Children CEO Inger Ashing
Civilians in Gaza in extreme peril while the world watches on: Ten requirements to avoid an even worse catastrophe
Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC): Civilians in Gaza in extreme peril while the world watches on
No respite for children and families in Gaza as UN Security Council ceasefire resolution fails to pass
Bangkok’s children exposed to toxic air seven out of ten days in 2023 
Two children killed and three injured in Yemen landmine explosion
Statement on conflict-induced hunger in Gaza
Philippines: Nearly 100,000 families displaced by floods and landslides as concerns rise over wellbeing of children – Save the Children
DRC: At least 78,000 children displaced and families ripped apart as fighting escalates
Save the Children’s founder receives cemetery honour in Geneva in key centenary year