Liberals must pursue maximum life sentences for child sex offenders

Tasmanian Labor
  • Government legislation deeply flawed
  • Evidence demonstrates mandatory sentencing doesn’t reduce crime or support survivors
  • Life sentences for child sex crimes send the right message to offenders
  • The Liberal Government should stop playing politics and introduce legislation that will actually work to keep children safe.

    Shadow Attorney General Ella Haddad said the Legislative Council had rightfully rejected the Liberal Government’s politically motivated legislation.

    “Tasmanian Labor abhors crimes of child sex abuse. Labor has repeatedly called for the introduction of life sentences for child sex offences to send the strongest possible message that these crimes will not be tolerated.

    “If you needed any more evidence that the Liberals are motivated only by politics you only need to consider that they put out a press release attacking Labor before a final vote had been taken.

    “The evidence shows that mandatory sentencing does not work. It doesn’t deter offending or protect victim survivors.

    “The Liberal government is trying to paint their legislation as a crime prevention strategy and a change that will protect the survivors of horrendous crimes. But a series of reports has demonstrated that the opposite is true.

    “Mandatory minimum sentencing does not work to reduce crime. What it does reduce is the likelihood of offenders pleading guilty, which means survivors of crime are forced through a trial where they are subjected to reliving the crimes perpetrated against them.

    “Many groups have lined up to tell government their approach is flawed – The Law Society, the Sexual Assault Support Service and Tasmania’s Sentencing Advisory Council.

    “It’s reprehensible for Elise Archer to play politics with this issue, and ignorant in the extreme to ignore the evidence.”

    Ella Haddad MP

    Shadow Attorney General

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