Litany of failure on important infrastructure amounts to extraordinary list of broken promises by Liberals and Michael Ferguson

Tasmanian Labor
  • Announcements and re-announcements are not actual delivery
  • Ferguson has utterly failed the north, north-east and south on infrastructure projects
  • Minister completely out of his depth on infrastructure delivery
  • State Growth Minister Michael Ferguson has no explanation for why 64 major infrastructure projects throughout Tasmania are significantly delayed, some by up to five years.

    Shadow Infrastructure Minister Shane Broad said the 2020-21 Budget Papers and last Friday’s Infrastructure Pipeline 2020-21 update show the Gutwein Government is hopelessly behind schedule on a laundry list of projects, with two delayed by five years, three by four years, four by three years, 18 by two years and 37 by a year.

    “Everything is delayed but all Michael Ferguson can do is try to spin his way out of a mess,” Dr Broad said.

    “Announcements and re-announcements do nothing to instil confidence that the government can actually build anything they have promised let alone a $1 billion in infrastructure each year over the next five years.

    “Tasmanians just can’t rely on Minister Ferguson to deliver and they certainly cannot rely on the Premier or his government.

    “At a time of unprecedented traffic chaos, Tasmanians living in the north are still waiting to see delivery of stage one construction of the new Tamar Bridge which the government said would commence during this term of government but has now been pushed back to 2027.

    “They are still waiting for the Charles St Bridge duplication which should have started three years ago but the government appears to have completely walked away from.

    “In the south there is still no sign of Mr Ferguson’s fantasy Hobart Underground Bus Mall which in 2018 was promised to be finished within two years or the Northern Corridor Passenger Rail to which the Federal Government has committed $25 million and there is still nothing to show.

    “Major works at Macquarie Point and a promised $35 million worth of work on a fifth lane for the Southern Outlet have not been delivered.

    “This is a laundry list of broken promises by a government that is very skilled at making announcements but an abject failure at actually delivering projects.”

    Shane Broad MP

    Shadow Infrastructure Minister

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