Minister Jaensch caught out again

Tasmanian Labor
  • Minister
    provides misleading information on Brahminy program
  • All
    allegations need to be investigated
  • Tasmanian
    youths must be brought home
  • Roger
    Jaensch has been caught lying again, this time providing misleading information
    to Tasmanians about the nature of the allegations regarding the Brahminy
    program for at risk youth run in the Northern Territory.

    repeated calls for the six Tasmanian participants to be brought home while a
    review is held, Minister Jaensch continues to back the program and insist that
    they’re safe.

    Child Safety Minister Josh Willie said frankly, Mr Jaensch cannot know this
    when so many allegations have been raised about the program and the man running
    it, Allan Brahminy.

    Minister’s claims that recent allegations about participants being mistreated
    were historical and only involved former participants are untrue,” Mr Willie

    know that at least one parent has been raising allegations since February and
    is calling for her son to be brought home.

    Jaensch also claims the first time he found out about the allegations was
    through recent media reporting, despite his department initiating an
    investigation in February. Did Minister Jaensch know about the concerns in
    February or not?

    Jaensch has also said it’s up to Allan Brahminy to answer questions over his
    identity and background when it’s actually the government’s responsibility to
    ensure these allegations are investigated.

    “The State Government is essentially acting as a parent to these children and, while the allegations remain untested, it has a responsibility to bring them home.

    “It is beyond time for this incompetent Minister to go. His position is untenable and if he won’t go voluntarily, the Premier must step up and sack him.

    Josh Willie MLC

    Shadow Minister for Child Safety and Youth Affairs

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