National’s Radio Silence On REZ Should Worry Residents

The Nationals candidate Brendan Moylan has been oddly silent on one of the most polarizing issues impacting the region, that being the New England Renewable Energy Zone.

On May 6 when his candidacy was announced he spoke of his support for the REZ, but has been quiet ever since. “Was he doing that as a hat tip to former member Adam Marshall who handpicked him and has now scored a plum job with energy company Origin who are involved in the REZ or does he truly support destroying prime agricultural land,” said Ben Smith

Either way, residents should be wary and mistrustful when a politician or potential politician makes a public comment and then seemingly sculks away quietly from it.

The New England REZ has been a divisive issue since its announcement, even in the lead-up to the 2023 election it was one of, if not the main topic in political candidate debates, nothing has changed.

“Since its inception, the people of Northern Tablelands were left with no doubts as to SFF’s standpoint that protecting productive agricultural land and individual property rights comes first, sadly no one knows truly where the Nats stand,” Ben Smith said.

“The electorate deserves a member that is upfront, and sticks to their word, not one that hides their true beliefs, or sells the community out for a sweet gig,” said Ben Smith.

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