New online platform Prescription Vape launches, aiming to offer more complete health service for adult vapers as new laws kick

Prescription Vape

From October 1st, vaping products containing nicotine will be prescription only. Some Australians who use vapes will now have a tougher time accessing vapes and may be confused by what the law changes mean for them. Prescription Vape offers users a solution that also aims to help them kick the smoking habit.

Prescription Vape has been launched to make it simple to access TGA-compliant nicotine vape products within Australia. With this platform, adult consumers can now purchase vaping products prescribed by a medical practitioner easily, efficiently and most importantly, legally.

Prescription Vape offers a complete end-to-end health service. Online medical practitioners advise you whether vaping is right for you and write you a prescription for the most appropriate vape product. Prescription Vape will then provide TGA compliant vape pods and deliver them directly to your door.

Prescription Vape is also conducting Australia’s largest observational study into vaping. This study will research how effective vaping nicotine products are in helping adult consumers on their smoking cessation journey. It will create real world data that tracks what dosing patterns work best and what potential side effects are experienced.

Prescription Vape’s product partners are leading pod vape brands Wild by Instinct, Vuse and RELX. We have extensively reviewed their products to ensure they are TGA compliant and that like us, they are committed to help Australians quit smoking.

Pharmacists can also purchase compliant Australian vaped nicotine products for dispensing via

Prescription Vape offers:

  • Seamless platform to access vaping nicotine products on prescription

  • Australian-approved legal pathway (avoid fines for not having a prescription!)

  • Free virtual medical consult which includes a free prescription if eligible

  • Dispensing from our affiliated Australian pharmacy

  • Express shipping through Australia Post (next day delivery in some metro areas)

  • Quitting tips & access to healthcare professionals

  • Education for doctors and pharmacists on how vaping can help patients quit smoking

  • Participation in Australia’s largest vaping study

Chris Henville, CEO of Prescription Vape, says: “We are proud to be an Australian-owned company and the first platform in Australia offering streamlined access to vaping nicotine products on prescription. This allows Australians to comply with the new regulations while also providing a pathway to aid smoking cessation. Vaping can be a powerful tool in smoking cessation and harm reduction, and Australians need to know how they can access them legally without receiving serious penalties under the new laws. There are also many concerns around young people using vapes obtained illegally. We support these new laws as a way of removing non-compliant product from the market and out of the hands of our youth. We recognise there is a place for vaping in some people’s lives and they need to be supported by platforms like ours so they can obtain TGA compliant products and the necessary supporting information”.

Dr John Barlow, Principal Investigator of the Vaping Study added: “Australia’s largest study on vaped nicotine will collect data on vaping from 10,000 Australians over the next 5 years. It will be the first of its kind in Australia to assess the safety and efficacy of vaping in such a large population. This research is important because it will help us understand the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking cessation tool. It will also measure rates of sustained abstinence from smoking, side effects from vaping and any changes in health status over a year. The long term goal is to help accelerate the decline in smoking in Australia.”

Matthew Landau, GM of Wild by Instinct, also

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