New technology helps to improve sleep quality naturally


A report commissioned by Sleep Health Foundation found that more than half of adult Australians are suffering from at least one chronic sleep symptom that is affecting their ability to live a healthy, happy life. 1

Research into sleep and the consequences of poor sleep are gaining momentum. A new product launched recently in Australia and developed by UK company Cambridge Sleep Sciences, SleepHub®, assists people to improve their sleep through the unique application of neuroscience and sound technology.

During the night, a normal healthy sleeper moves between different sleep stages in a fairly predictable pattern, alternating between REM and non-REM sleep.2 Cycling through each stage is important to achieve healthy sleep.

Disrupted sleeping patterns, a consequence of our modern lifestyles, can cause the brain to fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles. SleepHub® helps to retrain the brain to sleep well by emulating brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles. Played in the right sequence for optimal sleep quality, these sound waves are the key to encouraging the brain to enter natural sleep cycles in the correct order.

Those who have had the opportunity to use SleepHub® in Australia have described great results. Amongst them is Catherine Boulos, from Sydney, who said, “The machine is a game-changer for me – I have never slept better!!”

An independent clinical trial was conducted on SleepHub® with individuals who had been experiencing established insomnia for longer than three months and were not taking sleep medication. The results of this trial provided evidence that SleepHub® can re-train the brain to revert to natural sleep patterns.

92% of trial participants saw a positive sleep improvement with, on average per night:

– 155 minutes more time asleep

– 76 minutes less time awake

– 55% reduction in number of times waking up

SleepHub® is now available in Australia at and through selected specialty retail outlets.

Who is SleepHub® for?

SleepHub® has been created by scientists for people who:

• want to improve their sleep for better physical and mental performance

• experience insomnia

• have disrupted sleep patterns, work shifts, or travel internationally.




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