Recipients of CIMED project grants and clinical research months 2025-2027

We congratulate researchers at MedH, including BioNut, who have been awarded CIMED project grants and clinical research months for the period 2025-2027.

The following researchers at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (including BioNut) have been awarded project grants (P) and/or clinical research months (R):

Axel Abelein (BioNut) – Differential diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies by an ultrasensitive seeding assay (P)

Frieder Braunschweig (Heart and Lung diseases) – Digital vård: hemmonitorering vid hjärtsvikt och förmaksflimmer (P+R)

Susanna Brighenti (CIM) – Towards precision medicine in tuberculosis (TB): Unraveling immune endotypes for targeted host-directed therapies (P)

Christina Carlander (Infectious Diseases and Dermatology) – Prevention and Screening for Cancer in people with HIV – who and when? (R)

Maria Eriksson (BioNut) – Identification of genetic risk factors and novel targets for early vascular aging in chronic kidney disease (P)

Cecilia Karlström (HERM) – Systemic mastocytosis: clinical introduction of CCL23 as a novel diagnostic biomarker and deciphering the role of CCL23 in disease presentation and prognosis (P)

Lina Lindström (Gastroenterology and Rheumatology) – Faktorer av betydelse för prognos och livskvalitet hos patienter med primär skleroserande cholangit och inflammatorisk tarmsjukdom (P+R)

Yang Liu (HERM) – Accelerating Sickle Cell Disease Gene Therapy: Enhancing gRNA Functionality through Structural Optimization for Successful Clinical Translation (P)

Marie Meeths (HERM) – Inborn Errors of Immunity – Cancer associations and long-term outcome after hematopoietic cell transplantation (P)

Piotr Nowak (Infectious Diseases and Dermatology) – Optimizing Immunological Responses to Vaccination and Advancing HIV Cure Strategies through Gut Microbiome. (R)

Laura Marcela Palma Medina (CIM) – Biomarker based diagnosis of severe soft tissue infections in the emergency ward (P)

Anna Elisabet Ravn Landtblom (CIM) – Prevention and early detection of leukemic transformation in myelofibrosis (P+R)

Shilpa Ray (Infectious Diseases and Dermatology) – Identification of novel non-antibiotic bactericidal agents to fight antimicrobial resistant bacteria from patients with different chronic infections. (P)

Kristoffer Strålin (Infectious Diseases and Dermatology) – Improved sepsis care based on a clinical pathway and precision medicine (P+R)

Karolina Szummer (Heart and Lung Diseases) – Reducing the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence and its complications – randomized trials, registries and big data analysis (P+R)

Anders Sönnerborg (Infectious Diseases and Dermatology) – Clinical importance of the latent HIV-1 DNA reservoir in people infected with different HIV-1 subtypes (P)

Magnus Tobiasson (HERM) – Användande av individualiserad analys av mätbar kvarvarande sjukdom för att initiera tidig behandling och minska återfall av myelodysplastiskt syndrom efter allogen stamcellstransplantation (P+R)

Marit Westman (Heart and Lung Diseases) – Global airways – Precision medicine in asthma and chronic rhinosinusitis (P+R)

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