Residents kept in touch with plans for Ophir Road upgrade

Orange City Council is writing to residents in the neighbourhood of a planned upgrade in Ophir Road.

Orange City Council has received funding from the NSW Government Safer Road Program to complete a road upgrade of Ophir Road from Bridge 1 to Bridge 2.

You may remember that I wrote to you in (insert month) outlining the roadworks that were proposed then.

UPGRADE: Site of Ophir Rd project (CLICK TO SEE LARGE IMAGE)

At that time Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) was found in roadside areas. This is a common material to be found in this area north-east of Orange. NOA is a stable form of asbestos which is only a concern if it is disturbed.

Accordingly the road design has changed and now the NOA will be covered over in a deeper layer of gravel, so that it won’t be disturbed.

Under the NSW Roads Act 1993, Section 29, Council is required to give adjoining landowners notice of proposed change to the existing road level. The upgrade is expected to change the height of the road surface on average 40cm and up to 1.25 metres at the deepest point near the Banjo Patterson Way intersection.

Detailed plans for the project can be downloaded here.

Plans for the project can also be viewed at the Orange City Works Depot at 270 McLachlan Street (Monday to Friday 7 am to 4pm). For convenience please phone ahead to make an appointment so that a council officer can be available to explain the plans and answer any questions you may have.

Adjoining land owners are entitled to make submissions to council with regards to the proposed road alteration. All submissions are to be made to council by 13 January 2022 through the following avenues:

  • Send a letter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Orange City Council, PO Box 35, Orange, NSW, 2800

/Public Release. View in full here.