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In Era Of Superdiversity
Code Afrique returns to Ghana to share opportunities in tech
Reconfigured Regional Coordination Mechanism Key to Quell Widespread Insecurity, Avert More Coups in West Africa, Sahel, Special Representative Tells Security Council
African Cities Research Consortium starts new research pilot projects
Transitioning from BU-LABNET to Skin NTD LABNET
Speakers in Security Council Call for Expanding United Nations-African Union Partnership to Tackle Rising Violence, Humanitarian Crises across Africa
Informal settlements are where cities are made
Informal settlements – where cities are made
Peacekeeping Missions Stand as ‘Important Deterrent to an even Grimmer Reality’, Senior United Nations Official Underlines in Briefing to Security Council
Terrorist Groups Remain Significant Threat in Conflict Zones, Neighbouring States, Senior Official Tells Security Council, Noting Force Alone Can Exacerbate Matters
Technical Advisory Group on Arbovirus (TAG) meeting, Accra, Ghana
West Africa, Sahel Requires Tangible, Long-Term Support to Eliminate Terrorism, Address Humanitarian Crisis, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Ongoing Decline in Gulf of Guinea’s Piracy, Armed Robbery Encouraging, But Support Needed to Fully Implement Yaoundé Architecture, Briefers Tell Security Council
African Union-Led Peace Support Operations Need Predictable, Adequate, Sustainable Support, Speakers Stress to Security Council
Enhancing capacities for respiratory disease surveillance in Africa: WHO GISRS conducts training for genetic characterization of influenza and SARS CoV-2
Security Council: Sahel
Security Council: Counter-terrorism
Global meeting of the Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
Dae’sh Still Sizeable Threat, Senior Counter-Terrorism Officials Warn Security Council, Citing Group’s Growing Use of New Technologies, Lag in Repatriating Foreign Fighter
UN expert on toxics and human rights to conduct fact-finding visit: Ghana
UNOSAT Receives 2022 Group on Earth Observations Sustainable Development Goal Award
WHO, Ghana and Norway agree to accelerate actions to save lives
Community caregivers spread hope in Ghana, with support from Apple
No research about us without us: why research capacity strengthening is essential to health for all
WHO prioritizes access to diabetes and cancer treatments in new Essential Medicines Lists
Monash MBA climbs 16 places in global rankings
Smithsonian architect and Aboriginal artist design new Sydney plaza
WHO launches first-ever insulin prequalification programme to expand access to life-saving treatment
Aided by Cornell legal clinic, Ghana native rebuilding life in US