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Genome-wide Study Identifies Major Contributions to Genetic Control of Pod Traits in Snap Bean
‘USDA-Spiers’ Rabbiteye Blueberry
Phenotypic Variability for Leaf and Pod Color within the Snap Bean Association Panel
Regulating Branch Development Of Petunias
Proanthocyanidins: Key for Resistance to Global Sporangium Seed Rot in Peas
Land-use And Energy Practices On US Golf Courses
Evaluation of Compact Pepper Cultivars Using LED Lights and Sunlight
Influencing Adventitious Rooting of Lindera benzoin Stem
Optimal Spacing of Grafted ‘Primo Red’ High Tunnel Tomato
ASHS Recognizes Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center as a Horticultural Landmark
Factors Influencing Fruit Yield and Size in Day-neutral Strawberry Varieties
Phosphorus Fertilization Can Improve Young Almond Tree Growth in Multiple Replant Settings
IIdentification of Tropane Alkaloid Chemotypes and Genotypes in Hyoscyamus niger L
Cold Stratification Requirements and Germination Rates in Vitis Species
Novel System to Assess the Impacts of Relative Humidity on Water Loss During Storage of Blueberries
Treating Potted Zebra Plant and Inch Plant Used in Interior Green Wall to Regulate Stem Elongation
OSU 541.147 Hazelnut-A New Hybrid Hazelnut
High-tunnel Organic Ginger: Response to Propagation Material, Fertilizer
Changes in Production Practices to Manage Diseases in Blueberry Nurseries
Exploring Genetic Diversity Of New Almond Accessions
Effects of Benefits Messaging on Consumer Purchasing of Plants
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Creeping Bentgrass during Heat, Salt
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Targeted Mutagenesis of Inulin Biosynthesis in Rubber Dandelion
Far-red Photons Increase Light Capture but Have Lower Photosynthetic Capacity Than Red Photons
Miracle Fruit Pulp Transcriptomes Identify Genetic Variants
Cost Analysis of Using Cover Crops in Citrus Production 9 February
Cost Analysis of Using Cover Crops in Citrus Production
Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of Auxin Response Factor Genes in Arabian Jasmine
Understanding Greenhouse Growers’ Willingness to Use Municipal Recycled Water on Food Crops
Evaluation of Calcium Sources for the Management of Botrytis Blight on Petunia Flowers
Consumer Preference for Microgreens in the Presence of LED Lights and Information Treatments
Responses of Petunia and Pansy to Long-term CO2 Enrichment
No Evidence Sowing Date Influences Optimum Plant Density of Sweet Corn Grown in the Midwestern US
Xylem Functionality Is Not a Direct Indicator of Apple Preharvest Fruit Drop
Field Production Methods for Season Extension of Peony ‘Coral Charm’
Pink Rib Disorder Tolerance in Lettuce Germplasm in Humid Subtropical Environments
Xylem Functionality Is Not a Direct Indicator of Apple Preharvest Fruit Drop
Managing Postharvest Storage Issues in ‘Shiranui’ Mandarin
Converting Tall Spindle Apple Trees to Narrow Walls with Hedging Plus Root Pruning
Flowering in ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple Shows That Spurs Are Semiautonomous Organs
Day-extension Blue light Inhibits Chrysanthemum Flowering when Far-red Light is Included
Tsuga ‘Traveler’ and ‘Crossroad’-The First Adelgid-resistant Interspecific Hemlock Hybrids
‘Malus’ Species With Diverse Bloom Times Exhibit Variable Rates of Floral Development
Nutrient Use and Management Practices on United States Golf Courses
Biobased Sprayable Mulch Films Suppressed Annual Weeds in Vegetable Crops
Cost and Profitability Analysis of Producing Specialty Coffee in El Salvador & Honduras
Precipitation, Temperature, Population Structure Influence Genetic Diversity of Oakleaf Hydrangea
Elevated Atmospheric Ethylene and High Temperatures Independently Inhibit Tomato Fruit Set