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Gut microbiome: meet Roseburia intestinalis – the energy-producing bacterium that helps us fight against disease
Tryptophan in diet, gut bacteria protect against E. coli infection
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The Technical Advisory Group on the Responsible Use of the Life Sciences and Dual-Use Research meets for the first time
Method improves detection of potential therapeutic tumor targets in human biopsies
NHMRC funding to tackle increasing antimicrobial resistance
Coral – algae relationships investigated
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Taking insects on Virtual Journey
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Stronger core for better plant breeding
New Centre to support ‘optimal’ ageing
Researchers chart contents of human bone marrow
Social network of proteins
Location, location, location
Protein stock for beginning of new life
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University ranks 4th in Australia in ARWU rankings
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Enhancing GISRS respiratory disease surveillance in the Americas through genetic characterization training
University spinout signs agreement on Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
Emerging health and medical research leaders are solving health problems and improving health care
Trailblazing researchers recognised in King’s Birthday honours
Extension of partnership with University of Cambridge to enhance risk prediction and prevention for cardiometabolic disease
Ancient humans may have paused in Arabia for 30,000 years on their way out of Africa
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute appoints new Director
World-first ‘super peptide’ technology bio-hacks the skin’s natural repair process
Top scholars spread their wings to US
Baylor receives more than $5.8 million in CPRIT funding
Enhancing influenza and SARS-CoV-2 sequencing capacity through hands-on training programme
Bioinformatics training workshops to strengthen genomic surveillance successfully completed
Biotech partnership to develop new therapies
New tech opens doors for cancer detection
Lost in Translation: How “Risky” Amino Acids Abort Elongation in Protein Synthesis
Clinical Genome Resource receives global recognition
GISAID, WHO Host Bioinformatics Workshop in Belfast Sept. 2022