Latest Blackwood News

AHISA welcomes appointment of Hon Alan Tudge as Minister for Education and Youth
$12 million pipeline to further secure future water supply to South-West communities
Two Million in Federal Funding for Local Infrastructure Projects
Middle class actually enables autocrats in post-Soviet countries
South Asia, Latin America ‘flashpoints’ of global care markets
Goffe co-founds journal on indenture with Einaudi support
Ahmann co-edits journal issue on ‘late industrialism’
Panel: Segregation still ‘in force’ in US schools, neighborhoods
Anthropologist examines aging in U.S. ‘Through Japanese Eyes’
Little Magpie found trapped and hanging upside down in
Poet’s book finds words for ‘things that leave us speechless’
Kerry imparts experience, hope to ‘next generation’
Effective government saves lives in cyclones, other disasters
Book examines Black Jewish indigeneity in South Africa
Authors break down history of ‘envirotech’ in new book
HAVE YOUR SAY on name of a reserve in Penrith City LGA
Religion: less ‘opiate,’ more suppressant, study finds
$1.3m for humanities and social sciences research
‘Yeshiva Days’ records Lower East Side Jewish life
A&S’s Dark Laboratory to amplify Black, Indigenous voices
Linguist links language to social change in ‘Words Matter’
RNA analysis at heart of COVID-19 testing
Annual trout stocking benefits WA’s freshwater fishers
Extra university places in 2021 deliver good news for class of 2020
Police arrest man for dangerous driving at Eden Hills, South Australia
‘Sporting Blackness’ examines race and representation in film
Book profiles Jewish director as a leader in Egyptian cinema
Baw Baw calls for support for priority road upgrades
Anthology explores Asian American California through art
Can life survive a star’s death? Webb telescope will explore
Police seek help to locate Agwa Obiech
New Constables ready to serve and protect their community
NSF grant to fund economists’ active learning study
Milstein Program bridges tech and humanities virtually
Revised tree ring data confirms ancient Mediterranean dates
Job-ready Graduates Package: class of 2020 deserves better
Kerb and Channel Replacement Blackwood Street and Maple Street Shepparton
Kreps: Social media helping to undermine democracy
More newborns to be welcomed locally with new Midwifery Group Practices established in South-West
Mettler explores threats to US democracy in new book
Male entitlement hurts women, Manne writes in new book
Credible assumptions replace missing data in COVID analysis
AHISA welcomes appointment of Ms Margery Evans to lead Independent Schools Australia
Tasmania Police launches new recruitment campaign
Tudorita Tumbar receives Humboldt Research Award
RSPCA SA reopens Op Shops amid ongoing Covid-19 safety measures
More frequent, faster and more connected bus services
Increased fire response capacity key focus for grant program