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Securing Our Energy Future
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ARC Invests In Research Partnerships With Industry
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All-in-one Method Measures CO2 In Concrete
World Steel Open Forum 2024 – Frank discussions, positive progress, but are we going fast enough?
Aboriginal rangers to benefit from $16.5 million in funding
Standard You Walk Past
Boost For Great Artesian Basin In State Budget
SLB and Aker Carbon Capture Announce Closing of Carbon Capture Joint Venture
Global demand for oil could peak soon – NZ’s plan to revive offshore exploration doesn’t add up
Fixing Excess Carbon Dioxide: Biocatalyst-Driven Carboxylation Under Mild Conditions Researchers achieved carboxylation of an unnatural compound as well as natural one by…
Great Artesian Basin Remains At Risk
Scientists urge caution on marine-based carbon dioxide removal methods
Second Esso/ExxonMobil Gas Rupture Exposed
Researchers develop low-cost materials for direct air capture of CO2
Over To You Minister Plibersek
Miles More Protections For Great Artesian Basin
Groundbreaking research hub aims to accelerate a low carbon economy and help India develop its minerals processing industry
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) opportunities on horizon for Australian agriculture
Farmers relieved as vital water supply protected from coal company
2024 Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition Awards: Best authors, exhibitors and speakers recognised
CTSCo Project Not Suitable To Proceed
CSIRO Releases 2023-24 GenCost Report
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AFPA welcomes continued Federal Budget support for Australia’s forest industries, but greater focu…
Budget risks leaving Australia’s oceans and marine life adrift
Australia can have a future for the gas industry, or meet its climate commitments – but not both
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Australia’s Future Gas Strategy
Gas Strategy Blueprint For Climate Chaos: ACF