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Heart Foundation Research Funding 2020
HRI Celebrates 35 Years Of Groundbreaking Research
Sleep Apnea Solution Could Be Right Under Your Nose
WHISE Advocates for Comprehensive Support in Senate Inquiry on Menopause and Perimenopause
Mike Tyson is getting back in the ring at 58 – what could go wrong?
Ramadan and Lent fasts could have cardiovascular benefits
Researchers establish India’s first national benchmark for survival among haemodialysis patients
GP Rebates For ECGs Must Be Restored
Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Position
Transformational gift set to redefine global development research for the 21st century at University of Manchester
Liver Immune System Eats Up ‘bad Cholesterol’
AI research gives unprecedented insight into heart genetics and structure
In Memory Of Lennart Levi, 1930-2024
Walking Wins – Walk In Park
Two KI researchers awarded SEK 19 million from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
Lead from old paint and pipes is still a harmful and deadly hazard in millions of US homes
This sporting life: how seniors can be fit and beat the world
HRI Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024
Heart Foundation urges Tasmanian political parties to make strong commitments to tackle heart disease
Around 10,000 steps a day may counteract health risks of high sedentary time
Fast Five With Mark Vidallon
Strong Plan To Deliver Northern Heart Centre
Documentary Series Showcases Science Of Sleep
Hearing Aid Could Extend Your Brain Function By Years
Australians with chronic heart failure benefit from cheaper medicines on the PBS
One in eight people are now living with obesity
Collaboration With University Of Kragujevac In Serbia
Common anti-diabetic drugs can improve the outcome after stroke
Fetal Growth Restriction damages the heart and lungs via the brainstem
‘Budget Ozempic’: five ways this dangerous TikTok trend will harm your health
AAIC: Hearty Contest For Creative Health Solutions
Investigating insomnia: our research shows how chronic sleep problems can lead to a spiralling decline in mental health
Discrimination Drives Smoking Habits, Hurting Heart Health
Virtual dissection fleshes out instruction in animal science anatomy lab
Health services urged to resume face-to-face cardiacrehab
Your smart watch isn’t a medical device – but it is tracking all your health data
Dangerous Snoring Link To Poor Diet
Acquisition Of Gracell Completed
New research shows cancer is expected to remain the leading cause of premature death in Australia over next 25 years
Grant to boost research into age-related blood vessel health
Dr Ashish Misra awarded $450,000 NSW Health Grant for atherosclerosis project
Your heart changes in size and shape with exercise – this can lead to heart problems for some athletes and gym rats
Boosting potassium is key for blood pressure control, study suggests
If you’re worried about inflammation, stop stressing about seed oils and focus on the basics
Mouth to mouth tactic may stop dental decay
New South Wales CVRN Awards Celebrate Excellence in Cardiovascular Research
Prof Ben Freedman wins prestigious Ministerial Award for Cardiovascular Research Excellence
Acquisition of Icosavax Completed