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Economic Bulletin April 2024
Senate report on lobbying passes the buck on improving transparency or legislation
NZCTU calls on Govt to reverse disestablishment of Pay Equity Taskforce
Unemployment Data Shows Need For Government To Act Now
Unions celebrate May Day during tough time for working people
Health and safety consensus is dead, and WorkSafe cuts are burying it
Submission On General Review Of CPTPP
NZCTU stands in solidarity with Myanmar community in opposition to junta visit
Inflation data shows need for a plan on climate and population
Minister Of Finance Admits To New Borrowing Need
Broad support for policy push on residential upgrades and clean industry development
Economic Bulletin March 2024
CTU Stands In Solidarity With Public Service Workers
Standing Strong With Union Support
CTU calls on Government to exclude Myanmar Junta from ASEAN meeting
Unions deliver MPs petition to stop real terms cuts to the minimum wage
Budget Policy Statement Still Missing In Action
Jobs And Skills Australia Ministerial Advisory Board
More questions for the Government’s tax changes as costs grow
Treaties Committee to consider Southeast Asia trade area agreement and removal of wrecks treaty
GDP Numbers Make Case For Change – But Not Tax Cuts
CTU to Support Uber Drivers Rallying For Basic Workers’ Rights
Workers should worry about new threat to workplace protections in Minister’s speech
Landlord Tax cuts cost explodes – as does Government’s Tax plans
Govt must commit to follow Australia’s lead on pay gap reporting
Economic Bulletin February 2024
Public investment in New Zealand fails to meet growing need
CTU makes strong case for more, not less investment in public services
CTU has informed EU of free trade agreement labour law breach
ACC Cuts Will Put Health Of New Zealanders At Risk
Government must regulate to protect migrant workers on work visas from exploitation
The secret sauce of Coles’ and Woolworths’ profits: high-tech surveillance and control
Child Poverty Data Shows Government Must Take Action
NZCTU Statement on Fa’anānā Efeso Collins
Productivity Commission Report Shows Need for Income Insurance at Redundancy
Coalition Government’s failure to fund new Interislander ferries example of short-term thinking
Government must deliver increases to minimum wage that keep up with inflation
Government’s policies will make it harder for unemployed workers
Fels’ review confirms corporate practices as key drivers of inflation
Economic Bulletin January 2024
Minimum wage decision a signal of what this Government really thinks about workers
NZCTU calls on the Government to protect frontline public services
NZCTU disappointed with disestablishment of Regional Skills Leadership Groups
The Government must ban engineered stone to protect workers’ health
Inflation data slows – slowing data shows need for continuing support for families
Working people fear for their future and New Zealand’s
Mood of Workforce 2024
Economic Bulletin December 2023