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Experts of the Committee against Torture Praise Finland’s Commitment to Implementing Treaty Body Recommendations, Ask about Prison Overcrowding and Forthcoming Asylum Law Amendments
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North Macedonia’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
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The Government decides that KI may return remains to Finland
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Joint Statement on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Attack on the State of Israel
Committee against Torture Opens Seventy-Ninth Session in Geneva and Re-Elects Claude Heller as its Chairperson
UN Committee against Torture to review Austria, Honduras, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia and Finland
New research finds no clear link between maternal diabetes in pregnancy and ADHD in children
EU tackles global health problems with KI as coordinator
Blueprint for mandating indoor air quality for public buildings in form of standards
Human Rights Committee Adopts Reports on Follow-Up to Concluding Observations Concerning Finland, Paraguay, Tunisia and Uzbekistan
Finland is the happiest country in the world – but our research suggests the rankings are wealth and status-oriented
Resilient integrity frameworks are key to mitigating new corruption risks from global challenges
First multi metal 3D printer in Australia to boost aerospace manufacturing
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No, the West is not to blame for Russia’s war in Ukraine. Why this myth – and others – are so difficult to dispel
Like it or not, lies should be protected under First Amendment
Australian artists to receive international royalty rights
Critical Communications World Conference 2023 conference in Helsinki
United Nations Experts on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples Conclude Visit to Norway
Finland must address legacy of human rights violations against Sámi people, says UN expert
Improving Women’s Fertility Choices
Finland managed to halve its suicide rate – here’s how it happened
Could Your GP Prescribe Parkrun Instead Of Pill?
Art Of Luck Explored In New Exhibition
New method for early detection of relapse in the blood cancer disease myelodysplastic syndrome
Call To Establish World-first Institute For Ethics
UN expert on truth and justice to visit Finland
United Nations Experts on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to visit Norway
Dutton wants a ‘mature debate’ about nuclear power. By the time we’ve had one, new plants will be too late to replace coal
Joint Statement Endorsing Principles for 6G: Secure, Open, and Resilient by Design
Experts of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Commend Sweden’s Aim to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2045, Raise Questions on…
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Ancient DNA reveals Down syndrome in past human societies