Latest freedom of information News

CEO Statement – FOI Determination
ABCC refusing access to Master Builders docs
Students, travellers and staff exposed as Hotel Quarantine data breach revealed
Dr James Popple appointed Law Council CEO
Increase in certain application fees from 1 July 2021
Increase in certain application fees from 1 July 2022
FoI docs reveal ABCC colluded with MBA on election campaign
Principles for nationally consistent approaches to accessing Stolen Generations records
Keeping bastards honest: 246 foi cases in rex’s war on government secrecy
Clean hydrogen is Dirty Marketing: FOI & Polling
Beyond national cabinet: push for senate inquiry into australia’s federal system
FOI documents show Woodside tried to breach Australia’s international ocean agreements with dodgy oil rig dump
Woodside’s tricks revealed under Freedom of Information
Fixing our broken politics: rex champions parliamentary reform
Transparency win in fight to save bight
OAIC welcomes additional Budget funding
Rex patrick reaffirms his commitment to run for senate
Carbon Offset Regulators Dominated by Oil and Gas Industry: FOI Documents
FOI Commissioner appointed to OAIC
Appointment of Freedom of Information Commissioner
New Leadership for National Archives of Australia
In Dialogue with Venezuela, Experts of Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Ask about Braille and Sign Language
Polling: Majority want Greater Senate Scrutiny of Secret Contracts
ACF to appeal decision to keep Toondah Harbour meeting documents hidden
Wollongong set to lose events and tourism jobs unless Wollongong Entertainment Centre is upgraded
Anglo American $10 million emissions blowout
Toondah Harbour meeting documents kept secret
Final hearings as Federal Government fights to keep Robodebt information secret
Port lincoln desal plant sham continues
Pm in disgraceful defiance of justice white’s national cabinet decision: further legal proceedings pending
Disability Advocates Slam NDIS For Being ‘Evasive And Dodgy’
Pt adelaide safety missing from pm’s nuclear sub planning
OAIC publishes annual report on digital health
Daniel Andrews’ Fire Rescue Victoria slammed for ignoring Freedom of Information obligations
Future Fund investments must be subject to FOI laws
Labor plays for time in curfew cover-up
Clarifying statement on JobKeeper FOIs
Senator patrick moves to expose prime minister’s dirty secrets
$1 Billion Spent on Secret Consultancies Equates to over 12,000 Jobs
Government agencies should be open by design, not just by request
Freedom of Information changes go too far
Role of records: reconnecting with family, culture, and country for stolen Generations survivors
Senator patrick moves to kill off prime minister morrison’s ‘national cabinet’ secrecy legislation
Review of Auditor-General Act 1997
NSW Government keeps $1.2 million forestry scoping study secret