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AMA Submission To FSANZ Act Review Impact Analysis
Australian government approves release of QUT-developed GM Cavendish QCAV-4
Call for comment to permit the sale of honey produced by Australian stingless bees
Call for comment on permitting steviol glycosides as a food additive in Foods for Special Medical Purposes
Call for comment to extend the use of rosemary extract as a food additive
Call for comment on D-allulose as novel food
Call for comment on food made from a new type of GM soybean line
Call for comment to permit use of new processing aid
Call for comment on new source of human identical milk oligosaccharide in infant formula products
Call for comment on genetically modified banana application
One in three women have a baby in their first IVF cycle: report
Call for comment on the use of an enzyme processing aid in brewing and potable alcohol
Call for comment on defining added sugars for making claims about food
Call for comment on a new type of genetically modified corn
Call for comment on proposed changes to residue limits for agricultural and veterinary chemicals
Call for submissions on review of carbohydrate and sugar claims on alcoholic beverages
Call for comment on harmonisation of marine biotoxin standards for bivalve shellfish
NSW community urged to be on alert for dangerous poppy seed batch
Statement on aspartame
Call for comment on the addition of four human identical milk oligosaccharides in infant formula
Call for comment on using enzymes to produce food additive sweeteners
Call for comment on new source for enzyme processing aid
Notification Circular 245-23
Notification Circular 246-23
Statement on genetically modified banana applicaiton
QUT-developed GM Cavendish offers safety net to world banana industry
New safety rules on way for local food businesses
What’s the latest on GMOs and gene-edited foods – and what are the concerns? An expert explains
Second call for comment on review of infant formula standards
Call for comment on new use for enzyme processing aid
Statement on Cultured Quail as Novel Food application
NSW latest recall of long life almond milk product
Call for comment on new sources for enzyme processing aids
Call for comment on Proposal P1061 – Code Maintenance Proposal 2023
Call for submissions on proposed energy labelling on alcoholic beverages
National recall of spinach product
NSW latest additional spinach products recalled
NSW new national recall of spinach product
National recall of some poppy seeds
National recall of select poppy seeds
Update: WA Health warning on poppy seeds
NSW latest national recall of some poppy seeds
One in three IVF cycles undertaken due to male infertility: report
Hort Innovation Board candidates announced
Athlete-informed approach drives drop in supplement positives
Food Standards Australia New Zealand CEO appointed
Call for comment on Cetylpyridinium chloride as processing aid
Elecare, Similac and Alimentum Infant Formulas