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Australian Economy Grew 0.2% In December Quarter
2024 Federal Budget should fund GP-led living guidelines to make Australia healthier
To harness new growth opportunities, Mexico needs to boost productivity, accelerate digitalisation and improve educational outcomes and housing supply
Reforms to boost productivity and private investment would help secure stronger growth, more high-quality jobs and increased living standards in Egypt: OECD
GDP Growth – Fourth quarter of 2023, OECD
New report: QLD on track to end coal power by 2035 and hit 80% renewables as investment surges, putting onus on Federal…
New report: tidal wave of investment is turbocharging Queensland’s transformation from coal colossus to renewables superpower
Climate action in India’s Interim Union Budget
GPs say hundreds of their patients would benefit from access to subsidised children’s health checks
Growth continuing at a modest pace through 2025, inflation declining to central bank targets
2024 Federal Budget must improve access to care for all Australians and fund universal children’s health checks
Too little too late: immigration tweaks will be far from sustainable
Immigration package is unsustainable and misleads the public
Macquarie Asset Management launches Outlook 2024
Australian economy grew 0.2 per cent in the September Quarter
Green growth or degrowth: what is the right way to tackle climate change?
Richest 1% emit as much planet-heating pollution as two-thirds of humanity
Official Cash Rate remains at 5.50% – Reserve Bank of New Zealand – Te Pūtea Matua
IR Bill risks worsening inflation in housing sector
To hold our politicians to account, we need to first understand what they’re promising
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National Accounts reveal we are sleepwalking into a living standards crisis
Australian economy grows 0.4 per cent in June Quarter
Realism and Commonsense – Not Political Platitudes
BCA President Tim Reed Annual Dinner speech
Labor talking about itself at party conference while jobs lost and Australian businesses hurting
RBA announces cash rate decision 1 August
ANZ CEO appearance before House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics
Our GDP data no cause for alarm
Data centre operator NEXTDC announces major investment in Malaysian digital economy
Economy Slows, Workers’ Troubles Deepen
Economic activity up 0.2 per cent in March Quarter
Increasing risk of hunger set to spread in hotspot areas as the Sudan crisis spills over into subregion and el Niño looms…
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