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GREENPEACE: Australia’s transport-driven emissions spike demonstrates need to get moving on clean cars
WA’s clean transition picks up pace with 80% by 2030 emissions reduction target for state utilities
‘Anti-competitive and morally repugnant’ coal and gas companies to blame as Enova enters into voluntary administration
AGL’s unreliable coal dirty rat eating away at household wallets
Gas industry’s greed has fuelled energy crisis
Ding, dong, AGL’s demerger is dead – now ditch dud leadership
Labor government’s 2030 renewables target renders AGL’s demerger dead duck
Climate dinosaurs declared extinct at Federal Election
Optus says YES to 100% renewable energy
“Arrogant” Woodside gaslights United Nations, IEA and CSIRO at chaotic AGM
Labor’s $194M for Reef welcome sea-change, but greater ambition to reduce emissions crucial
FOI documents show Woodside tried to breach Australia’s international ocean agreements with dodgy oil rig dump
‘The memory of goldfish and agility of an elephant’, AGL’s claims out of step with market
Dire coral bleaching figures show how Morrison Government has failed Great Barrier Reef
Demerger documents ‘the height of greenwashing’ as both AGL and Accel set to breach Paris climate targets
‘The Pacific can’t survive if richest corporations and governments continue to put profits over people and planet’
AGL’s massive $73m profit hit yet another domino falling in dodgy demerger strategy
Coal pushes wholesale power prices to double in year, squeezing Australian households
AGL Loy Yang generator fault highlights fundamental failure of dirty and unreliable coal
Morrison hands Woodside $40M license to pollute
Australia out of step with IPCC call to end fossil fuels
Solar shopping for QLD as Kmart and Bunnings clean up
Greenpeace dumps giant inflatable coal at AGL HQ as new research reveals over half of Aussies would switch off dirty electricity
UN mission can’t become tourism campaign as Great Barrier Reef hit by fourth mass coral bleaching in six years
Greenpeace statement on new NSW anti-protest laws
Environment Department shrouds UNESCO mission to Reef in secrecy, keeps agenda under tight control
Climate change causes severe and widespread coral bleaching event on Great Barrier Reef in La Niña year
Renewable energy hits annual record, AGL fails to read market and falls rapidly behind
AGL’s rejection of takeover bid driven by ideological obsession with coal, locks
Victorian government’s renewable targets show AGL falls behind winds of change
Greenpeace Australia Pacific statement on attack on Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine
Coal and gas companies should pay for climate damage they fuel, like current east coast flood disaster
Statement on Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine
IPCC report: last chance for climate action for Pacific in peril
IPCC report: Australia unprepared for climate impacts ahead
New faces at Great Barrier Foundation won’t reverse dire course for Reef
Antarctic Sea Ice Minimum set for record low
How people power helped saved Argentine Sea from oil companies
Hope floats: Greenpeace Esperanza retires after two decades, but light shines
Campaigners warn of ‘unthinkable’ restrictions on civil society participation at Global Ocean Treaty negotiations
Greenpeace responds to US government Finding on use of forced labor on Taiwan fishing vessel
Greenpeace USA welcomes Coca-Cola’s key step toward goal of 50% of reusable packaging by 2030
AGL is failing regional communities with tardy coal closure timelines
AGL “doesn’t even get a golf clap” for tardy coal closure announcement
Greenpeace International Executive Director steps down to become German Government Climate Envoy
AGL says balances Australia’s energy needs with commitment to decarbonise
Green Electricity Guide reveals Australia’s greenest to dirtiest electricity providers
Morrison’s UNESCO Reef Report “the height of hypocrisy”: Greenpeace