Latest institutional child sexual abuse News

Improving National Redress Scheme 25 November
National Centre for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse to be driven by consortium of leading expert organisations
National Centre To Provide Leadership In Supporting Victims And Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse
War Crimes Royal Commission Needed, Brereton Inquiry Deficient
Draft Terms of Reference released for Commission of Inquiry
National Redress Scheme increases access for survivors
Ministers Redress Scheme Governance Board Communique 3 December
Continuing our reform agenda in response to Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child sexual abuse
Victoria Supports New Sanctions For Redress Scheme
New sanctions for failure to join National Redress Scheme
Premier’s Statement – Commission of Inquiry
Abuse survivors to be guaranteed a voice under new laws
National Redress Scheme falls short for survivors
Keeping Tasmanian communities safe
Child sex doll supply, production and possession to carry 20-year prison sentence
Kraszlan appointed Commissioner for Victims of Crime
Council stands up for victims of child sexual abuse
WA local governments join National Redress Scheme
Keeping dangerous criminals off streets
Ministers Redress Scheme Governance Board Communique 11 July
Queensland Government urges participation in National Redress Scheme
Independent Reviewer appointed for National Redress Scheme
Disability Discrimination Commissioner joins Play by Rules
National Redress Scheme update 2020
Ministers’ Redress Scheme Governance Board Communique
Improving National Redress Scheme
Ministers Redress Scheme Governance Board Communique
Institutional child sex abuse survivors should not have to wait for redress
Landmark reforms seek justice for child sex abuse victims
Labor-Green opposition joined at hip
Institutional child sexual abuse trauma remains part of a ‘hidden public health crisis’