Latest ISS News

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Icarus flies faster, further
ANZ delivers the largest Sustainability-Linked Facility for a private credit fund in Asia-Pacific
New Melton Hospital Another Step Closer
Cubesats: how you can be involved in space exploration without spending millions
New study reveals understanding of a basic physical property of charged particles in microgravity
New study reveals understanding of basic physical property of charged particles in suspension in microgravity
HSF advises General Atlantic on Combination of Deutsche Börse’s Qontigo and ISS
Crop seeds return from space in IAEA/FAO project to help feed a warming world
Seeds in Space: ‘Cosmic crops’ for food security and climate change adaptation
TRISH research on Axiom’s Ax-2 Mission to examine effects of spaceflight on humans
Seaweeds in a changing world: International Seaweed Symposium comes to Hobart
Tokyo Tech team third at Kibo Robot Programming Challenge
Bacterium on International Space Station developing drug resistance
ISS calls on union to withdraw planned industrial action at Queensland airports
FS Sustainability launches ESG Power50
Awards recognise supportive reservist employers
City of Canada Bay Libraries explore space
Why do we always need to wait for ‘launch windows’ to get a rocket to space?
It’s not just rocket science – hidden chemistry powers Moon launches and sustains life in space
Physicist claims prestigious space award
Responsible Investment Managed Funds market up 43.6% at end of March 2022
Australia just flew its own ‘vomit comet’. It’s big deal for zero-gravity space research
Boeing’s Spectrolab to Power NASA’s Roman Space Telescope
TRISH to enhance research on Ax-1 mission, data on human spaceflight impacts
Cornell software enables 3D printing on space station
ANSTO helping to ensure safety of astronauts in space
Space Boot Camp to blast off at UWA
International research collaboration designed to increase understanding of human adaptation to spaceflight
WA traveller caught walking in ‘weed’
Life and culture on International Space Station
Space hunt begins as WA’s Binar-1 mission takes next giant leap
Space tablets splashdown on Earth
TRISH demonstrates performance of portable handheld ultrasound in space
Rio Tinto appoints Jakob Stausholm as chief executive
On trail of causes of radiation events during space flight
Boeing to Showcase ‘Low Earth Orbit to Deep Space’ Portfolio at International Astronautical Congress
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