Latest Ludwig Cancer Research News

Ludwig Harvard scientists discover new target for potential leukemia therapy
AI Predicts Tumor-killing Cells With High Accuracy
Ludwig Lausanne scientists identify and show how to target a key tumor defense against immune attack
Seven Early-Career Scientists will Attend the AACR Annual Meeting with Ludwig Support
Ludwig Cancer Research Scientists to Present at AACR Annual Meeting
Ludwig Institute Scientific Director Chi Van Dang receives the 2024 AACR-Margaret Foti Award
Immune networks in tumors prime responses to a personalized immunotherapy
Immunologist Lydia Lynch appointed member of Ludwig Princeton
How a timekeeping gene affects tumor growth depends entirely on context
Analysis of brain tumor blood vessels yields a candidate therapy-and a platform to find more
Five Ludwig Cancer Research scientists named Fellows of the American Association for Cancer Research
Nutrient in beef and dairy products boosts immune response to cancer
One punch isn’t enough to overcome a common cancer mutation
Ludwig Cancer Research launches Leadership Fellows Program
Ludwig Institute Board Member Jedd Wolchok elected to National Academy of Medicine
Study shows how brain tumors make certain immune cells turn traitor
Combination of personalized cancer vaccine and adoptive T cell therapy benefits patients with advanced ovarian cancer
Disrupting a core metabolic process in T cells may improve their therapeutic efficacy
Ludwig Lausanne study illuminates a potentially exploitable coordination of gene expression across the tumor microenvironment
Ludwig Chicago study develops an innovative approach to classify metastases in colorectal cancer patients
Ludwig Cancer Research study shows tumor monocyte content predicts immunochemotherapy outcomes for esophageal cancer
Ludwig Harvard team devises platform to bring “multiplex” imaging to the clinical pathology laboratory
Ludwig Cancer Research study shows certain blood pressure drugs could boost the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy
Ludwig Harvard study uncovers role of ultraviolet radiation in the development of a rare leukemia in the skin
Ludwig Chicago study identifies potentially new strategy for combination radio- and immunotherapy
Ludwig Oxford’s Yang Shi elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences
Ludwig Lausanne’s Douglas Hanahan elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society
Two Ludwig Cancer Research scientists named Fellows of the American Association for Cancer Research
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present at AACR Annual Meeting
Two Ludwig Cancer Research studies reveal essential role of neutrophils in immunotherapy
Christopher Walsh, esteemed Ludwig scientific advisor, passes away at age 79
Ludwig Princeton study finds cancers are metabolically sluggish and thrifty
Ludwig Harvard imaging study reveals cellular, molecular and structural complexity of colorectal tumors
The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research appoints two new members to its Board of Directors
Ludwig Cancer Research study uncovers novel aspect of tumor evolution and potential targets for therapy
Ludwig Cancer Research study finds common, targetable mechanism tumors use to suppress immune responses
Ludwig Chicago nanotechnology indicues therapeutic immune responses against multiple types of tumors
Ludwig Lausanne researchers develop strategy to noninvasively monitor key immune cells in tumors
Unexpected role of iASPP as tumor suppressor
Ludwig Oxford’s Yang Shi elected to National Academy of Medicine
Richard White joins Ludwig Oxford
Ludwig Lausanne study identifies potential combination therapy for testing in deadly brain cancer
Pat Morin appointed deputy scientific director of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Ludwig Oxford Member Yang Shi elected Member of European Molecular Biology Organization
Ludwig Princeton’s Eileen White named co-leader of $25 million Cancer Grand Challenges team tackling cancer cachexia
Ludwig Johns Hopkins study establishes utility of circulating tumor DNA for post-surgical management of stage II colon cancer
Ludwig MSK study modeling tumor evolution reveals vulnerability for cancer prevention and therapy
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present advances in cancer immunotherapy, metastasis