Latest Mediterranean News

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Resilience and climate change: Archaeologists reveal human adaptability in ancient Turkey
Archaeologists: Ancient Turks adapted to climate change
Renewed appeal over glassing at Haymarket restaurant; further CCTV released, NSW
Listed medicines containing Artemisia species
Director-General engages with Italian parliamentarians on partnership potential
Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment may hinge on diet, mouse study suggests
Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment may hinge on diet
Brewing Up Ancient Beer
Feeding good mental health is key for young Australians
Food for thought: edible public spaces
Johannes Krause Wins “Fabio Frassetto” International Prize for Paleoanthropology
Sustainable dining in South Australia
Where to Rosé all day
Lifestyle changes could beat Alzheimer’s
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Revised tree ring data confirms ancient Mediterranean dates
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Good oil on extra virgin olive oil
Plants take in less carbon in a warming world
From lifeguard to international humanitarian of sea
Global impact of wildfires to intensify due to human-induced climate change
Victory in Pacific saw Australia’s role in World War II end
Analysis of Roopkund Lake Skeletons Makes Nature Communications’ Top 25
Australia’s new icebreaker on move
Commemorative Medallion and Certificate recognise Second World War veterans
Chester release – Commemorative medallion and certificate recognise Second World War veterans
World Hepatitis Day: fast-tracking elimination of hepatitis B among mothers and children
Commemorating end of Second World War, 75 years on
Adelaide: a foodie city
New book explores maps as tools of political power
Warmer winters will mess with marine communities
Social media inspired models show winter warming hits fish stocks
Fake designer jackets in east
Excess neutrinos and missing gamma rays?
ACT contact tracing training program goes global
Man charged and COMFIT image released as part of ongoing investigations into Liverpool Council Chambers fire, NSW
CCTV vision released as police seek pair over attempted robbery in Burwood
New book explores intertwined histories of Islam and Asia
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Fisheries management works, so it’s time to apply it more broadly