Latest Nanyang Technological University News

ARC funding boost for UC research projects
Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China
Research boosted by $5.4 million in ARC grants
Researchers use NSF Convergence Accelerator to shorten drug discovery timeline
Plant researcher from Singapore wins virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT
Bridging gap between remote sensing and tree modelling with data science
NTU Singapore ranked in top 30 in QS Global MBA ranking
NTU Singapore scientists devise ‘Trojan horse’ approach to kill cancer cells without using drugs
Health messages to help stop patient harm in hospitals
QUT joins international healthcare communication body
Singapore start-up plans clinical trial of a single daily pill replacing multiple pills for Parkinson’s disease
NTU Singapore scientists use fruit peel to turn old batteries into new
NTU Singapore scientists develop “biorubber” glue for faster surgical recovery and pain relief
SP Group embarking on S$30 million in research and education initiatives with NTU Singapore
NTU Singapore scientists develop Artificial Intelligence system for high precision recognition of hand gestures
NTU Singapore develops peptide that makes drug-resistant bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again
NTU Singapore and Osaka University scientists build ultra-high-speed Terahertz wireless chip
NTU and A*STAR scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through skin
Scientists led by NTU Singapore identify new catalysts for more efficient water splitting
NTU EcoLabs launches multi-million scale-up initiative to support 40 cleantech maritime start-ups and SMEs
Neuroscience Research Australia has today opened Australia’s new Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre
Surbana Jurong and NTU Singapore to develop hybrid system to deliver cleaner and more sustainable energy from LNG
Study led by NTU Singapore finds global sentiments towards COVID-19 shifting from fear to anger
Scaled-up perovskite solar cells developed by NTU Singapore scientists achieve highest recorded power conversion
NTU Singapore is ranked world’s No.1 young university for seventh straight year by QS
NTU Singapore scientists and KKH clinicians develop urine test that identifies pregnancy outcome after threatened
NTU invents antimicrobial compound used in reusable face masks made by Ghim Li Group
NTU Singapore maintains its place among world’s best universities
Deloitte and NTU Singapore launch new course in audit analytics to build capabilities
Mangroves at risk if carbon emissions not reduced by 2050, international scientists predict
Mangroves at risk if carbon emissions not reduced by 2050, scientists predict
NCID, NUS and NTU Studies Highlight Role of Socio-Behavioural Factors in Managing COVID-19
NTU Singapore partners WiseNet Asia and Yubei District People’s Government to offer tech internships amid tough
NTU scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells by fermenting it with fruit waste
Augmented reality magazine by NTU Singapore earns international recognition with brand new reading experience
NTU and SMI launch comprehensive report to help shipping industry adopt alternative and greener fuels
Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist
Pollen-based ‘paper’ holds promise for new generation of natural components
NTU scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device with potential for bedside
NTU scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material
Machine learning technique sharpens prediction of material’s mechanical properties
First electrically-driven ‘topological’ laser developed by NTU Singapore and University of Leeds
Critical flaw demonstrated in common digital security algorithm
HP-NTU Corporate Lab Showcases R&D Innovations; Announces Digital Manufacturing Skills Development
Physicists prove that 2D and 3D liquids are fundamentally different
NTU and SERI launch joint laboratory to develop advanced ocular imaging technologies
NTU Singapore scientists find easier way to harvest healing factors from adult stem cells
Only 1 in 10 suicide prevention apps cover all recommended strategies, NTU Singapore study finds