Latest Nevada News

Eaton Introduces Higher Power Fuses for Electrified Commercial Vehicles
Rover Announces and Closes $0.03 Unit Financing
Piedmont Announces Upcoming Conference Participation
Rover Provides Permitting Update on Let’s Go Lithium Project, NV, USA
Starliner: Boeing prepares to launch its first crewed spacecraft as it chases after SpaceX
Australian Rugby League Auction to Make Vegas History
Research Résumé: Kun Luo, exploring microstructures for high-performance materials
New method to more accurately spot underground nuclear tests 
ATHA Energy Announces Appointment of Suraj Ahuja as Technical Advisor
Personnel fly back from Nevada
Exercise Red Flag Nellis 24-1 concludes in United States
Aviators take on air combat training in Nevada
Aviators recreate exercise in Nevada
Australia joins United States and United Kingdom for Exercise Red Flag Nellis 24-1
Little bacterium may make big impact on rare-earth processing
Rover Metals Submits Plan of Operations for Its Let’s Go Lithium Project, NV, USA
Bitcoin could support renewable energy development
Rover Metals Holds Meeting with BLM to Discuss and Review Project Description for Let’s Go Lithium Project, NV, USA
With light and shadows, Iowa State production brings children’s classic to life
Monash team reaches speeds of 116kmh to officially become Australia’s fastest human powered bicycle
Rover Metals Announces the Appointment of McGinley and Associates for Its NEPA Permitting Process at the LGL Project, NV, USA
Rover Metals Announces Results of Expanded Phase 1 Surface Exploration Program at Its LGL Lithium Project, Nevada, USA
Not burning, drowning: why outdoor festivals like Burning Man are reeling from extreme weather
A new generation preserves tribal land and culture in America’s national parks
RFS Large Air Tanker called on to assist firefighters during U.S. wildfire season
HSF advises Light & Wonder, Inc. on its secondary listing on the ASX
Wildfire clues uncovered in ancient sand dunes
Sleep-tracker study finds fatigued officers struggle with investigations
Transplant survivor may have solved mystery at the heart of astronomy
For the first time, astronomers have linked a mysterious fast radio burst with gravitational waves
Australia hasn’t figured out low-level nuclear waste storage yet – let alone high-level waste from submarines
Growlers pass tough test of readiness
Researcher helps shine light on alternative sleep therapies
Exercise Red Flag Nellis commences in the United States
Reaping rewards of excellence in military intelligence
Climate plays large role in carbon release from streams, researchers find
Climate change origins of Great Barrier Reef
Emergency SOS via satellite made possible by $450M Apple investment
GR Models to be Exhibited at 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show
Rio Tinto releases third quarter production results 18 October
Megadroughts helped topple ancient empires
Rio Tinto completes sale of Cortez Gold Royalty for $525 million in cash
Torrey pine genetic research may benefit efforts to save chestnut, ash trees
Lightning strikes friend and foe in Storm
Think twice before founding that free-market utopia
F-35A capability bolstered with new arrivals, training
Air Force’s first fifth-generation fighter combat instructors
Western municipal water restraints rise as reservoirs fall