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Aussies provide more than 62 million species records for conservation research
CDU EXPERT: Quarantine expert says COVID-19 inquiry should look at states and territories
Buddhism in war: New book explores link between Buddhism and IHL
Cloud Services Without Servers: What’s Behind It
National agency needed to fix fragmented support for small business
Genetically Modified Bacteria Break Down Plastics in Saltwater
Open access to evidence on family, domestic and sexual violence
Youth ARC welcoming place for young migrant Australians
Caring for home carers
New Ribozyme for Exploring World of RNA
Council seeks help to serve up something Belgrave community will love
National Science Week 2023: Maritime archaeology and cultural heritage benefit with Queensland Smithsonian Fellowships
HRI breaking new ground in stroke research and care
Australia’s animal welfare system not fit for purpose: national survey reveals
Know your enemy – mosquito species in Pacific
Is Our Phosphorus Use Sustainable? Most Stakeholders Doubt It
New Tool Predicts Crop Yields in Southeast
‘Invisible’ infrastructure is the background to our modern lives
Small Differences With Big Effect
How Studying Poop May Help Us Boost White Rhino Populations
New project to create talent pipeline for Geelong’s supply chain industry
NSW Government delivers on election commitment for fairer grants with its first bill to pass parliament
Creative Industries Networking Event – Good Art, Good Business
NSW Government is strengthening grants regulation
Beetles and Their Biodiversity in Dead Wood
Model Aims to Help First Responders Reach Accident Sites Faster
Business leaders offer insights in new video series
Council campaigns to ensure free access to the Trove national archive
Labour costs, not target retail price, should determine garment price for a living wage
Government delivering world-class satellite positioning services
Novel Regulatory Mechanism of Blood Clotting Discovered
Surprise in Quantum World
Self-Driven Laboratory, AlphaFlow, Speeds Chemical Discovery
Thousands of native plants are unphotographed, and citizen scientists can help fill the gaps
Some Stirring Required: Fluid Mixing Enables Scalable Manufacturing of Soft Polymer Structures
COVID Fears and Long-Term Planning Play Key Roles in Vaccine Hesitancy
Wheeled Robot Measures Leaf Angles to Help Breed Better Corn Plants
New research aims to improve intimate partner rape prosecutions
WHO rolls out new holistic way to measure early childhood development
Study Offers Details on Using Electric Fields to Tune Thermal Properties of Ferroelectric Materials
New members appointed to the Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee
Giant meat-eating dinosaur footprint is largest found in Yorkshire
Volunteers drive social change in wartime Ukraine 14 February
Tag team: tale of two Antarctic blue whales 9 February 2023
Study Underscores Lack of Diversity in Stock Photography Sites
Major publishers are banning ChatGPT from being listed as an academic author. What’s the big deal?
Volunteers drive social change in wartime Ukraine
Flower Patterns Make Bumblebees More Efficient